Thursday, September 27, 2007

Analysts Analyzed


- They do work by organizing attention, practically and politically, not only to the facts at hand but to why the facts at hand matter.

- Are selective organizers of attention to real possibilities of action

- They are actually pragmatic critics who must make selective arguments and therefore influence what other people learn about

- What gets done depends heavily on what gets said, and how it is said, and to whom

Monday, September 24, 2007

Comparative Classroom Ethnography

When I criticize people for calling their case studies and qualitative work ethnography they often reply, "it might not be the same thing you mean by ethnography, but I can call it ethnography if I want to. You don't own the term." I tend to reply with a riddle:

If you call a dog's tail a leg, how many legs does it have? The answer is four. You can call a tail a leg, but that doesn't make it a leg. Similarly, you can call a case study, with thick description, of a school in your own culture an ethnography, but that does not make it an ethnography.

- Joseph Tobin

I think Tobin has a good point that we can apply in general. Just because someone claims to "own" something, doesn't mean it's fact. Always question, that's the art of learning.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's hard to keep my secret baker goodness a secret all the time...

Ta da!

And now you see two...Double ta da!

Apple Pie Makin'

So in the true spirit of Fall I gathered up a group of friends on a Saturday morning and headed out to Maryland, up to a farm, to do some apple picking. And of course we made pies!

Friday, September 21, 2007

WeLead Reception Part 2

WeLead Reception

Last night after class I headed over to Pennsylvania Ave. for our first Women & Politics Institute event for the year. It was the launch of the WeLead 2007 class, composed of undergraduate and graduate students participating in the Women & Political Leadership certificate program. Among the students and staff we had our Board of Directors and friends and family of the Institute.

The view was amazing! We were on the rooftop of an office building which overlooked the Washington Monument. Here are a few candid shots from the evening! And so my DC living has officially begun.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Notes from the Day

- Sometimes people just don't have the words. If you help coach them and provide words, they may then recognize their voice or better be able to identify the problem.

- A boss can get excommunicated from a project/meeting, but then welcomed back. Sometimes employees have to learn the tough way when they actually need their boss' input.

- For the innovators, if the group setting they are working in doesn't have enough structure, they may cope by taking on adaptor like qualities. (Vice versa for the adaptors).

- If you develop an SES Development Plan basically you are guarenteed a job long-term in government.

- Always give back 200% to your clients once they have recruited and proposed that you be brought in. (IE offline coaching/phone check ins, etc.)

- Sometimes employees complain about not being empowered, but then when given the task to create the process or space to voice, they often would prefer to just "be told what to do."

- Baby boomers are exiting the workforce. For baby boomers, getting the senior leadership teams was extremely competitive. For the next generation there will be less competition, and more opportunities then can be filled. (Still thinking through this one...).

- It's important to recognize which paradigm you operate from - deficit, disadvantage, or different.

- Mentors are key. And I am so blessed! Work ethic, work ethic, work ethic. This is the way you will attract the best of the best.

- Create a day where you and your life partner can dream. DKG said when her and her husband would think about the future, goals, how to save, etc. they would often times find that they wanted to achieve these things using different methods, so they developed the code "let's have a Sunday" to allow themselves to chat without passing judgements, or put restrictions on dreaming. (Or get frusturated with each other, since this time was set apart to have these dialogues).

- A free hot meal shouldn't be turned down when you are in grad. school. (My boss told me this:)

Monday, September 10, 2007


Before I curl up in a heap of down comforters in front of the TV with a big cup of tea and some graham crackers to catch the news, let me say this: I ran 3 miles in today.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Great Article - Dell's Changes

This is a great article that just appeared in the New York Times: Can Michael Dell Refocus His Namesake?

Take a look at how Dell plans to reinitiate its competitive niche, rework its vision to include long term, and the types of innovation and quality it promises to customers.

Interesting read!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hiatus Schoolius

As all my loyal readers can see (however many that actually is) I have been on a brief hiatus. Being back in graduate school, and working part-time on campus keep a girl on the run.

But honestly, after my brief hiccup and woo of reality set in, I find myself more and more enjoying my busy, but really productive days. It's like everytime I'm reading or in class I'm taking my mind on a jog. This is wonderful exercise! Plus, there's something about testing yourself that feels really satisfying.

When I get a moment, I have many thoughts/ideas/etc. that I want to put up on here and send off spinning in your direction. Until then, be on the lookout for my pet Pig Widget:)