Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Just a little update

Just a little update! Or a big one!

We are pregnant with number three, 18 weeks along and going strong.  We've decided not to find out what it is this time around and go for the grand finale!

The babies, are not so much babies anymore and are in big kid beds.  F got his bunk beds and E is in her full bed that matches her great, great, grandmother's bedroom set that I've been working on.

The kids are loving swimming in our neighborhood pool, went to VBS at West End for the first time, and just are all around so much fun to be with.  We still have the occasional tantrum but are in a much better place!

I'm feeling great, and so thankful for that!  F and E each say they are growing a baby too.  F has named the baby honey lemon, and E has named the baby Caroline.  F wants a brother, E wants a sister.  So this baby will be the tie breaker!

We got to vacation down in Destin, Fl this year for a week.  We had the most perfect weather, and sat and played on the beach every single day.

We continue to host our bible studies on Tuesday evenings, and are having loads of fun having our dear friends over once a week and gaining such encouragement!

Those are the big highlights as of right now.  The twins turn three next week.  F loves pirates, action heros, and knights.  E loves fairys, ballerinas, and taking care of her baby dolls.  They are sweet kids and I feel blessed to raise them side by side with the man of my dreams!