Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Change is Gonna Come

A fitting title for our lives right now. We are changing, growing, transitioning into what we are calling the next phase of life!  Ella and Franklin are walking.  Ella full out walking, Franklin trailing behind doing the 5-6 step shuffle. TOO CUTE to see these little bodies walking around my house.

Transitioning to one nap a day, unless we wake up grumpy in the morning, then stick to two. It's nice, we can be more flexible and spend mornings out and about.

More transitions - we've been blessed with a new job opportunity for my Mr. He will be transitioning into his new position in a few weeks. It will mean more opportunities for family time, a some great career opportunities for the family!

We are also looking forward to some time at the BEACH. For a week in fact! We've rented a house on Folly Beach - an island off Charleston, SC for an entire week - just the four of us. We are thrilled and cannot wait to watch the little's play on the beach and sit in sandy puddles playing.  A little rest, relaxation, and sun is definitely in order.

Life is good. It's been a really good summer.  I'm just soaking in every moment with my children.  They fill my heart with such joy, beyond what I could have imagined. I'm so thankful for a great husband, kids, and all my momma friends to share this journey with. Thank you Lord :)