Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yo Mom That's My Bottle

Last night it was just the twins and mommy.  Superdad was out changing the world at a meeting.  While we were finishing up oatmeal, got the bottles ready and started off our normal routine of bottle feeding both babies at once using the boppies. But presto chango- they mixed it upon on me and both held their own bottles.

Like a clumsy little school girl, I almost didn't know what to do with myself or my free hands.

These little things are just the marking of moments to come -  getting a little easier and them becoming more independent.  While it's exciting, I'm also reminded of how quickly things change.  And really, we don't want these babies to grow up too fast!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Zombie House

Survivor's log:  all succombed to the virus.

Thankfully I can also report that 5 days later we are pretty much back to feeling like our normal selves!  The norovirus is an awful, nasty, mean, ferocious bug.  Our brave little solidier Roo started off with it, gave it to mama, passing onto Bee, and then the last to fall - Daddy.

During our quarantine I learned all about a new level of love - the love a parent has for a sick child.  When you as the parent are sick and trying to care for a sick little one you have to dig deep. Thankfully, God did not intend for us to do this parenting thing alone and gave me my Mr. to lean on. But it's tough - parents don't get sick days.  You have to keep feeding, bathing, cleaning, and caring. Even while your energy levels are dragging, you find that you would do anything for your sweet Littles. To top it off, an ice storm hit us Friday giving us another push to stay in, and stay home. And that we did.

So while they napped, we napped. When they played happily, we rested on the couches.

It's amazing what pedialyte, a few days of rest, and a solid nights sleep will do.

Friday, January 18, 2013

First Snow Day

Dear Franklin & Ella Jane,

We had our first snow day together! So maybe it wasn't a full day, but Mom and Dad both got out of work early and headed home with the snowfall picking up!  When we arrived at home you had both already taken your afternoon nap and were up and ready to play!

The snowflakes started to fall harder and heavier outside.  Dad and I each scooped one of you up in our arms, grabbed you, and we went outside for a few moments. Both of you looked a bit confused and in aw at the same time.  It was chilly! And there was something hitting your hands and your head.

There's nothing like sharing new experiences together with you. The morning after the snowfall we both were delayed going into work so Daddy made us a delicious breakfast with huge biscuits and jam.

Love you two,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

4 Feedings

Just a note for my own sake to remember.  The twins went down to four feedings a day just around their 7 month birthday - January 14.  They consolidated feedings, and are now eating ever 4 hours, with solids three times a day.  Yes! 

New schedule:
7:30/8am - breakfast (fruits and oatmeal) plus 5 oz bottle
11:30/12 - lunch - veggie or fruit plus 5 oz bottle
3:30pm - 5 - 6 oz bottle
7/730pm - oats and 5-6 oz bottle

The twins are just eating oats for dinner since they've had (mostly Franklin) such issues with spit up.  It helps him hold it down on his stomach easier for the night.

Also, Ella has just about dropped her last nap of the day.  By 7pm she is a tired little camper ready for bed.  Franklin on the other hand wants nothing more then to take a 15-25 minute power nap in the evening around dinner time:) Sweet babies.

Our First Tooth!

Franklin has been rather fussy and needing a lot more attention lately.  We assumed it was from our Christmas travels, and the family lavishing him with love.  But the truth came out about a week ago...his first tooth was coming in.  In fact, his two bottom teeth seem to both be about ready to pop.  And one did!

On his 7 month birthday his first bottom tooth broke the skin.  This explains a lot! Franklin, happy 7 month birthday!  You are getting to be a very big boy - and now you have your very first tooth.  I hope those gums get to feeling better buddy.  You are my boy, with that twinkle in your eye.  Love you lots Little.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Growing, Rolling, and the Likes

Things keep changing everyday with Frank & Ella.  They love to change it up on Mommy!  Latest things include
  • Sleeping unswaddled - woo!  I thought this might never happen.  Franklin inparticular was a baby burrito loving child.  But then one night it just happened and he hasn't turned back since.  Both of them love sleeping on their sides
  • 3 meals a day! We keep experimenting with new foods. So far so good.  They are little eating machines.  An entire bowl of oatmeal/ and an entire bowl of fruit in the morning.  I better start really learning how to cook!
  • We got a mini van and life is so much easier because of it. Sliding doors, sun shades, and more ROOM.  The babies love cruising around and looking out the windows.  We probably spent about 4 hours in the car this weekend running around. They loved every minute of it.
  • Rolling around.  They roll everywhere.  Most of the time they are on their tummies now.  Ella in particular is a gymnast and uses anything around her to twist, turn, and navigate.  It's impressive!
  • They each napped on their tummies for the first time.  
  • Lots of babbling - lots of what sounds like dada coming out.  It's easier to say then mama so I'll let them have this one:)
  • Franklin falls asleep pretty fast and easy at bedtime, doesn't need much of a transition.  Ella on the other hand seems to enjoy a slower bedtime routine to get her little mind slowed down. (Must be like her daddy).  Daddy is doing a great job with reading her a bedtime story, etc.
  • Had to separate the twins into two different rooms at night.  They seem to sleep better this way without hearing the other one occasionally grumble, etc. Ella's moved into the guest room. Big girl!
  • Eating every 3.5 hours --- about to stretch this to 4.  They still take 5 bottles a day but are just about to drop one.
But the biggest change of all is after our 10 day Christmas travel extravaganza from Chicago to Nashville to Middle TN back to Knoxville --- we got home and Ella Jane was a different child.  Smiling, laughing, and generally happy all the time.  She even goes to strangers now.  She had before been our more observant child, who took everything in from a little bit of distance.  But now she is engaged, active, and wants to be part of the party.  It's a joy and pleasure to see this little maturity take place.  I love watching her smile and giggle. 

Overall, our home is busy and joy filled.  Our days are long, but our love quotient is high. If you ever need a bit more noise and circus in your life, c'mon over! :)