Friday, October 27, 2006

My search for tics in core values.

In my line of business we talk a lot of "core values." But what exactly does this mean? It's been from my experience that the best way to explore something is by analyzing it from a wide variety of angles i.e. up, down, sideways, and under. Similiar to the way I used to examine my black lab for tics, I really had to look everywhere and not leave a hair unturned.

I'm beginning to see that core values can't exactly be discovered, but rather they are something that IS and come from experiences. They go with you wherever you go, no matter your environment. And they are the things that you feel down to your tippy, tippy toes. And the other main thing is that it doesn't matter WHAT core values you have, but THAT you HAVE. Your life aligns with these in business, relationships, and you develop your strategies and actions with these core values.

Everyone's core values are different. In research, it's been cited that there are no universal core values that make or break a company. Take for example Disney and HP. Both companies started and grew, grew, grew and changed. But their core values didn't.

HP core values - Respect the individual.

Disney - Magic, wholesomness, imagination, and attention to detail.

Even when Disney went from producing small cartoons to full length features, large theme parks, and Disney radio - they still were about the same above core values. The same goes for HP.

In my next edition we'll examine politics, and more specifically Regan and Carter in terms of this issue.

So what can I make from this? You have core values. And they are your underlying causes that must drive, drive, drive you. And even when change and stimulus are presented these very things remain true. And most importantly there are no "right" or "wrong" or universally successful core values.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Excerpt from a lovely conversation today w/someone who is like a blanket to my soul:

"You really are my type of people, you know"

"And sometimes one only notices that when they around the antithesis of what we thrive off of."

When you're not living in a bubble you get to experience something I call the grit. And then there's the blanket. And that's where the love is. When the blanket comes down around you even when there's dirt, that's love. That's my people.

Monday, October 09, 2006

If you need me...

It's October and I'm in our new office. I've set up a nice little lamp for myself on my desk that brings warmth to this otherwise brand new cubicle. But soon enough I'll be sitting at a cherry wood desk in an open office and frames of friends and family will shed further light on my days. It's the little things.

This month seems like the busy month. I just got back from a trip to Pittsburgh, where I saw my breathe in the morning! (that's cold!) I thought I was ready for living up north again, but I may have to think this through a bit more. I mean it may mean I have to put on a few pounds to help fend off the bitter chill that comes with being a Yankee. Better yet, I'll layer wool sweaters and invent some handy dandy hand warming thingamabob.

This Friday I'm traveling to Chicago at the wee crack of dawn to help Mom move into her brand new house, and yes it has a fireplace in the kitchen! How picturesque is that! I got to see it when I was up home the last time in August. It's really quite charming. Brand new too. So this means I will be seeing all my girlfriends this weekend, wearing my favorite sweater, and spending time with my family moving boxes. Delight. Actually I like some good manual labor every now and then.

So for now it's back to writing frontloads to various leadership activities. You know teambuilding, communication, that sort of thing that the big men in black suits love me for. I'm also listening to The Fray and coveting some famous mint sprig tea. If you need me I'll be enjoying life.