Thursday, August 28, 2008

11:15am Wisdom

"Creativity arises out of the tension between spontaneity and limitations, the latter (like the river banks) forcing the spontaneity into the various forms which are essential to the work of art or poem.” -Rollo May

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Weekend in Pictures!

It all started with...
      Friday afternoon = Naptime with the Gibs.
Tennis with The Boy 
after naptime.

Saturday's dinner date! 
While The Boy went to a workshop Chef Em made baked brie with raspberries.  

One of our "things".  We each have a name card on the table, with a note written inside for the other.
On Saturday 
The Boy received a second one.
Sunday was spent 
outside at the
dog park.
Contemplating life.


Friday, August 22, 2008

I love the Little Things.

Little things:

- Notes from days of the week see post
- Wearing the my new "research" NFA hat driving home and when I walk the dog post work
- Name cards on the dinner table with special notes inside. Still. Even though its just the two of us at the table.

- Going to sleep on the dot at 10:30pm. I'm a good sleeper.

- Burning my hand on the hot cookie sheet. Yikes!Watching Hero's too much lately - I'm a cheerleader, but not that kind.

- Tennis lessons after work with my favorite coach

- The dog crying after I leave the house and sitting by the door.

- Fun little buys from Walmart.

- Walking into a house with 75 college boys and feeling like a school girl. "But I'm the only girl honey." Said after entering the frat. house.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


And it feels good.

This has been one of my favorite summers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WOW: My Cousin at Grand Teton National Park

Women & Politics Institute: At Yale.

The Women’s Campaign School at Yale University
The Women & Politics Institute is pleased to announce that Sarah E. Brewer, Ph.D., Associate Director, was the keynote speaker for the 2008 graduating class at the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University. The Women’s Campaign School at Yale University provides training for women who want to run for an elected office. Read more

Women and Politics is where I worked during graduate school - at American University. I'm happy to see that Women & Politics is getting coverage at Yale and at Elle Magazine's September issue. Be on the look out for Dr. Sarah E. Brewer!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Night Bookmobile

Short stories - just started to remind myself of how much I like them.

Audrey Niffenegger author The Time Traveler's Wife , one of the books that probably makes my top 50 list also does some illustrations, and most recently I found out, comics as well. I had listened to her do a live reading in Chicago since she's a professor at Columbia College and heard her short story - The Night Bookmobile read. While it hasn't been published in complete yet (at least it looks that way) she does put out a comic sketch and parts of the chapter in bits on How fabulous! See below an excerpt from The Night Bookmobile. Anyone who loves reading and books will see themselves transparent throughout this story and really start to hope that the Night Bookmobile exists and you will find yourself on a corner of a Knoxville street one day talking to the strange driver and wandering inside.

Friday, August 08, 2008


Last night's Merle Haggard concert at the TN Theater was quite the experience. I really loved the 2 openers he had - they got the crowds all jazzed up. The concert is what I refer to as authentic country. Beyond the occasional yell of "I love you Merle" by the 38 year old behind us, there was also the family who attempted to take a family portrait during the concert. But Merle was in prime and certainly has a legendary voice.

Hope to make a homemade pizza tonight with the Boy. We've been getting so much better at it compared to when we first did it and it was basically a big ol chunk of dough - to give us credit we did try to make a deep dish pizza. Tonight well do a thin crust. Mmm nothing is better on a Friday night then a homemade pizza. It's fun to work together in the kitchen, one person chopping away while the other one is layering on the cheese. The Boy also put on all the toppings and then the cheese on top last time and it turned out great. Love the smell of it cooking and getting hunry in anticipation.

Olympics start today - well see how the U.S. does. While I don't like watching every sport I have some favorites. Also fun to get excited and watch the little towns where the athletes come from get coverage back in the U.S.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Our Best Sleeper: Funny Dog

We caught our dog sleeping like this! Too funny! Rough life! :)