Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Road Trip Prep: No Looking Back

Things are shapping up. I've managed to pack a bit each day, and even move some items to the car, so I'm not caught moving everything at once. Smart you say, yes, I know. I've worked in conference planning for a bit. After recovering my music from itunes, I'm back on track with my road trip preparation. Of course no road trip is complete without its own soundtrack. So far the following artists have made the cut:
Sheryl Crow
Tom Petty
Bob Marley
Johnny Nash (I can see clearly now the rain is gone)...this seemed fitting
Eve 6
Some hard rock.

I'm looking forward to hitting the open road and digesting this Florida experience before I hit my next destination. It's been good and it's been real. I am so excited about what the future holds. There's no looking back now.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Spiritual Cowgirl

I overwhelmed myself for a brief moment today, when I looked around my room and saw suitcases, boxes, and random items set against the wall opposite of my bed. I asked myself how this would all fit into my car, how I could possibly drive 15+ hours and move into a place I've never set foot into yet. How could I move this stuff all by myself....

But then reality kicked me in the butt. I've done so much already to prepare for this move, between lining up the moving people on my own, getting the storage unit, researching and looking for the right apt/neighborhood, and of course finding the program that fit me perfectly. Although being buff will help with the picking up and placing items in the trunk thing.

It's just funny sometimes how I can go from looking at myself in the mirror, and saying, "Wow you are one independent woman...making the drive and move to DC all by yourself! Go girl..." to the same voice saying...yeah how are you going to do that. Then I kick myself in the butt again, and, suddenly come back to reality fast, mostly cause I don't want to have to kick myself again.

I've realized part of change and moving and growth is the little pre-jitterbugs. It's the energy you need to get yourself to that next level. So instead of thinking of it as anxiety, it's really just my brain kicking in and letting me know I have the energy, stamina, and momentum to take the horse by the reigns. The difference between who I am now and who I was before is that the horses used to be galloping all at once all over the place, but now I have my trusty steed, and I'm pointing him in the direction where we need to go.
PS - I do admit I'll be smiling as I pull away. And I just may give my horse some whiskey at the end of the ride;)

Last Friday in Florida

Thursday, May 17, 2007

President of....

Good news! Looks like I might have the opportunity to work on a prototype that is being pitched to VCs, Hewelett Packard, Apple, and Microsoft. I'm so excited.

Each of the doors that are opening continue to confirm that this is what I want to do.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Key Largo

Living in South Florida has provided me with quite the number of opportunities, but I have to say I was a very blessed girl to be able to take advantage of Key Largo this weekend.

The boy and I headed down there on Thursday night and enjoyed the landscapes and treasures that the tropics had to offer. Highlights included snorkleing off the coast via John Pennekamp State Park, seeing 3 Baracuda (!), and learning how to dive underneath the surface of the water. Yes, the boy happens to be a really great teacher - and his skills even extend beyond giving me directions and teaching me to dive. The reef was really cool, and the feeling of swimming among the fishes and coral was undescribable. Loved it, and I even have a snorkel to prove it. If you have a chance to go - you should.

Beyond a beautiful hotel, a bed so big you could get lost, and drinks on the balcony, the company was the best part. The political debate was rich and the laughter was plentiful. It was truly a great last goodbye and hoorah to Florida, and a great start to the next part of the journey.

Daily Trivia

Something for you brainiacs'

George W. Bush is the 43rd president of the United States. George W. Bush is the 42nd man to be president. How?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kolb Learning Style - The Doer in Me

I'm introducing a new learning inventory to the leadership program I work on for my organization. I was excited today to have received the background supplement from my Director that I could start creating the presentation and weave it into my curriculum. I also took the inventory myself, and once again proved only what I've known all along.

The Kolb Learning Style Inventory is designed to help one understand how you learn best in educational settings and everyday life, as well as identify how to improve personal and professional relationships within different team settings.

My results yielded:

I take in information via Concrete Experience (CE) - learning by experiencing
  • Learning by experience and specific experiences
  • Relating to people
  • Being sensitve to feelings and people

I deal with information via Active Experimentation (AE) - learning by doing

  • Gets things done
  • Risk taker who influences people and situations through actions

My learning style is:


which involves the primary learning modes of active experimentation and concrete experience. Individuals who embody this style put ideas into actions. They find multiple uses for whatever has been learned and accommodate/adapt to change. People with this style learn by "doing." They enjoy hands-on experiences that invovle new challenges (Very true. I do new thigns so I can keep learning). They make decisions based on information gathered by others and thrive in action-oriented careers like marketing, sales, and business. (interesting). These people work well with others, like field work, and test different approaches to completing a task.

Overall Result: I seek out and exploit opportunity, take risks (DC here I come), and lead & influence others through my actions. I am best put to use on a team by choosing and creating goals, or executing solutions.

The above clearly explains why I never read directions before putting a bike together. I like to learn best by doing. So it isn't just me being stubborn, it's me trying to learn my best. ;)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bikini Bliss.

During my lunch today I had to make a Target run, and the Target near my work happens to be a Super Target. When you go in there's an escalator and everything; it's almost intimidating.

I had to pick up some basic items like Draino (since I live by the beach, I manage to clog the drain with sand now and then, it's the price I pay for being a beach babe), a toothbrush as I conveniently left it in CL, and some car coolant. In my hot pursuit for these items, I wandered into the bathing suit section. "Caution," I told myself. Bathing suit sections have never been a play zone for me, but rather a massive nightmare made of lycra bikini halters, triangles, and sports tops. Somehow God made me not so proportionate. I seemed to have inherited a chest that doesn't equal my waist size, and therefore unless I can buy both parts separately the usual 32Cs just don't cut it. The only bathing suit that's ever really done it for me is from France, a purchase made on the island of St. Martin. Great....

Some women would sing their own praises at this discovery, but for me it can be uber frustrating and lead me to feeling like I want to either go pretend to be a 5'4 midget model for some Victoria's Secret catalog and put this "gift" to use, or donate some of the girls to some poor chic who needs a bit.

However, today we had a breakthrough. Thank you to SuperTarget. I picked up not just one, but two bathing suits that together totaled the same price I paid for my French bathing suit. Score! Additionally, it was fun to purchase a size 2 bottom with a large top. I showed that lycra monster who was boss. No's a type of top I've never been able to wear before! It's black top (sexy) in banedeu style. (see pic. of model above.) I'm totally all over this workout/healthy thing for life! So here's to being two different sizes, and having to deal with a little extra on top when I run...or getting starred at by 8th grade boys...because... I'm feeling beautiful!

Me and Sleep

Sleep is essential. We already know this. Studies show...we all know 7-8 hours a night.

I flew back from Chicago the other night, and landed at midnight. Final hitting the below around 1am. Over the past year I've really come to notice how important sleep is for my functioning. As a high energy person, I give a lot all the time, whether that's emotionally, physically, or intellectually. But it's super important for me to make sure I'm consistent in my sleep patterns. It's easy to notice if I don't get enough sleep - I get a bit grumpy, and a bit irritable. Roomies, parents, boyfriends, they can all attest that I'm a very chirpy girl to be around, but if I haven't gotten enough sleep - don't push my buttons! Probably because the place where I function normally, runs high rpms, and when I don't get enough sleep my mind and body still want to rev that high, but don't have enough fuel to. So the engine poops out.

So next time I'm irritable, just say, go to bed and call me in the morning! Wrap me up in blankets, turn off the lights, and run :) Guarenteed I'll be back to my magical self by the time I rise the next day!

PS. I can even be pretty comical when I sleep. Sometimes I tell stories.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


On the job' in Illinois

Mom and I totally are all over the home project thing. So that little lie about females and manual labor, yep it doesn't apply to us.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Charles Taylor "Sources of Self"

Charles Taylor, a Philosophy professor at Northwestern University was recently awarded a monetary sum that exceeds the amount given to Nobel Prize winners (1.5 million). The John Templeton Foundation, which awards cutting-edge research in science and spirituality and progress in the marriage of the two honored him with this award this month.

The foundation's mission:
In the Charter establishing his philanthropy, Sir John Templeton expresses that his Foundation should serve as a philanthropic catalyst for research on concepts and realities such as love, gratitude, forgiveness and creativity. Twenty years later, the Foundation continues to fund rigorous scientific research and related cutting-edge scholarship on a wide spectrum of "Core Themes."
note: the foundation does tend to favor conservatives, and has supported financially individuals like Milton Friedman.

Taylor goes onto state in his interview that, "We don't understand what's going on unless we understand that as human beings we are spiritual beings" and that our preoccupatins are not simply social, economic, power or pride. That we are also concerned with finding meaning to life, dignity, and being recognized also in the sense of being fundamentally good. Our quote "spiritual hungers."

I am intrigued by his latest book produced "Sources of Self" as it analyzes and looks at the big questions, and how the modern identity is formed and its many facets. He examines the differences and origins of moral values and spiritual values, their institutions, and backgrounds. Should make for an interesting read.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Letter of Recomendation from my Father to my future Husband

(prelude: this is a bit of a comedic poem that was inspired through some of my reading)

I don't know who you are yet, but
I want to explain a few things.

In 1983, our first house had birds nests
in our chimney and porch.
They made sounds like she did when she was first born.
This is why we call her hummingbird.

Our family is almost 100% German.
All 10 grandchildren have blue eyes and blonde hair,
she is the only

with brown eyes.
She has the deepest eyes you've ever seen
and the deepest heart you'll ever know.
Be gentle, kind, and pray with her.

I moved to Boston when she was 11, for a new job.
She stayed in IL with her mother and sister.
My eldest daughter was older then most her age.
She watched her sister
and her mother.
And locked the doors every night.
She never once complained when
I couldn't make it to her concert, instead she just
said that she had an old soul and understood.

Small attentions
are all she requires.
Tell her you never saw anyone
so adept
at making pancakes.

Still, your life will not be easy.
Just look at how much energy she has.
She'll keep you moving.
And what's this about taking a hike in the rain, or painting the bathroom, or the researching the best type of dog to get?

You must understand --she doesn't see the world clearly.
Once she screamed, "The woods are on fire!"
when it was only a blue cloud of insects lifting from the trees.

But she's a good girl.
She likes to kiss
and be kissed.
I remember mornings
she would wake me, stroking my whiskers,
and kissing my hand.

She'll tell you -- and it's true --
she prefers the blue of your eyes
to all the blue seas of heaven and earth.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

An Attitude of Gratitude

Being grateful for what you have zeros in on what is working, which in turn magnetizes more of the same. Where you put your focus is where you direct your creative intention; so if you want abundance, be grateful for the vitality you have now. If you want a soulful relationship, be grateful for the soulful moments. Gratitude is like a seed you plant; it grows more as it is watered and nourished. Show those around you what you appreciate in them and let them know that they have a positive effect in your life. The acknowledgement of good will call forth more of the same. This is something that we can all work on.


Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA is a nucleic molecule that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all living organisms. The main role of DNA is the long-term storage of information and it is often compared to a set of blueprints, since DNA contains the instructions needed to construct other components of cells, such as proteins and RNA molecules. However, there is one rare and peculiar case that was noted in 1983.

Instead of carrying just the necessary DNA information to develop and function, as I grew I also replicated a rare strand known as happiness and joy. There are few and far between that carry this unique genetic code. Symptoms usually include optimistic outlook, smiles since birth, and urge to create and maintain a joyful environment. Again, it was proven today that I did in fact possess this makeup. Someone smiled just because I'm me. Happiness just might be in my DNA.