Thursday, December 28, 2006

If real straight men filled their girlfriends' apartments with a million twinkling votive candles as often as fictional ones do, three large American cities would burn to the ground every weekend.

iLive idisturb

So low and behold I got a fun toy to play with for Christmas, okay, an electronic stereo, called ILive. It's complete with an ipod hookup, cd player, and radio. Great portable size too, as I plan on moving a couple more times. Good thinking there Oma and Opa. (this also may be a subtle hint they are thinking i'll be moving back into the chicagoland area...)

Well I hooked it up the other night, and finally was able to set it up so that it would be able to wake me up to my requested song on my nano ipod. Presto! This morning it worked, accept the volume managed to keep increasing. Was it an evil trick that the ilive people tried to play on me to get up? Or was it a way that I could disturb the neighbors while they were sleeping. As I began to get ready, and jammed out, I heard a knocking. Making sure I was decent, I glanced myself over quickly in the mirror, and ran to the door in my new red silk pajamas. (i must add these are the cat's meow) Looking through the peephole I was pleasently surprised to see that no one was there, only their small dog, Rocko. I didn't feel bad, the dog definately disturbs the peace more then my iLive. So I went back to ringing in my new day with some dancing in the bathroom.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Betz Family Christmas

Emily has celebrated yet another Betz traditional family Christmas Eve... the nativity story, the old hymns, the carols, santa claus and his bells, the performances, the love of family.

Of course our Christmas is always complete with humour. They decided to take our Aunts christmas gifts and try em' on! (funny aprons!) A family that laughs together sticks together!
Performing...see where I get it from?
Pose in that snowmobile helmet Uncle Mark! See where I get it from?

Notice, I had a bit of a height restriction...managed to work half a smile in.

In conclusion, Christmas is about remembering that peace and love, and carrying it with you for the rest of the year.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hummer Limo. 16 Family Members.

So last night our aunts and uncles and mom surprised the whole clan (seen below = 16) with a stretched hummer limo! How fun! We took it downtown to a Christmas musical complete with champagne and holiday music. I'll tell more later, but for now let these pictures tell the story! (of course i stuck out my head and said Merry Christmas to all who passed by!)

The sisters

M having a good time'

My Oma and Opa and I. They are the most wonderdul grandparents ever.

Mum and Aunty and Uncle! Festive festive.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Cheer!

A festive night of dinner and dancing at the LA holiday party! (complete w/ a singing boss and all)!

Here's the dancing part! Note my boss is in the background cheering on.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I've been called a goodie goodie. I like to wear plaid skirts w/little sweaters, always write in books,& have a good wingspan. I've taught English and my superhero power is my flexibility.When I swear people usually laugh or go into shock. I've been smiling since 1983 and have been known to pull good clean jokes.I always drink hot tea in the morning, and enjoy a walk after dinner. I'm a fan of the outdoors, hard work, and wear my hair w/ a natural curl. I like surprises and tend to blush when my heart beats fast. I love the Lord, and dance in the kitchen. My strongest muscle is probably my heart. For real style.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fun is fun: Authors Invited to my 25th Birthday

Reading my dog-earred pages and highlighted passages, complete with chicken scratch, it's been decided who I would invite to my luncheon on the occasion of my 25th birthday....because we all need to have fun once in awhile.

C.S. Lewis - he would bring his world famous logic. We'd discuss a few of the insatiable thirsts I have, and come to the conclusion that it simply means that I was made for another world. Heaven itself.
"A baby feels hunger: well, there is such a thing as food. A duckling wants to swim: well, there is such a thing as water. Men feel sexual desire: well, there is such as a thing as sex. If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world...Probably earthly pleasures were never meant to satisfy it...
C.S. Lewis (Mere Christianity)"

Emerson (and other transcendentalists) - we'd talk about dynamic growth. Calculate how to best destroy my cell phone, and get dimensions on the log cabin I want to build in the mountains one day.
“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”Emerson

Robert Burns - He will recite "Oh my love is like a red, red rose" as a toast' followed by "Brown Penny" by Yeats. I love men who know how to love and mean it. It takes a stronger man to do that then anything else.

Harper Lee - because I want to defend all things noble, just and good. when i was little i wanted to grow up to be atticus finch. She'd get the princess w/ an edge thing.
"If you just learn a single trick, Scout, you'll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it."

Roald Dahl - because we could joke like jokesters do. He'd buy trick candles, and they wouldn't go out unless I used a fire extinguisher! I'd be sure to be getting younger.
“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”

To be continued...just remember you have a whole two years to plan for this event. What would your additions be?!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Snow Angels

You are not even aware of those whose lives you have touched, or how you have touched them...
To those who have been with me through the past year...

Lately I've been filled with such a joy and gratitude towards life. It's a light in my eyes, peace in my heart, and gentle kindness I want to share.

Tonight I simply say...

Thank you.

Gotta Love a Jokester!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 11, 2006


I've decided there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

Sweet Dreams

At night they would fall asleep
holding hands
...and God only knew
that side by side
they were quietly
...for the
same things.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Chevy Case Study: Consumer Generated Ads

Wired Magazine just featured an article on Chevy's most recent experiement. Chevy ran a contest for consumers to create YouTube video's for its Tahoe. Running for 4 weeks, it attracted over 30,000 folks. Of course ads created by the public both praised and put down the SUV. Interesting enough Chevy decided not to take down any video's that critiqued the vehicle for "gas guzzling" "global warming," etc. Instead it was a free for all. They felt it they censored the ads that they'd actually lose greater credibillity. Check out the article and a few of the ads here.

What's funny is the idea that you can sell a product by sitting back and letting the consumer put their own spin on it.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Beauty: A Woman of God.

"Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewlry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit" 1 Peter 3:3-4

This verse is truly wonderful, and serves as a reminder of what true beauty is The type of woman I work at being everyday. - Peter doesn't mean that beautiful women rarely speak above a whisper, if they speak at all. No. To have a gentle and quiet spirit is to have a heart of faith, a heart that trusts God, a spirit that has been quieted by love and filled with his peace. Not a heart that is striving and restless.

A woman of true beauty is a woman who in th depths of her soul is at rest, trusting God because she has come to to know herself and God in her. She exudes a sense of calm, a sense of rest, and invites those around her to rest as well. She speaks comfort; she knows that we live in a world at war, and that the journey may be in a broken world. But she also knows that because of faith, that all will be well. A woman of true beauty offers the grace to be and the room to become. In her presence, you can release the tension and pressure that so often grips your heart. Real beauty breathes the truth of faith, hope, and love.

And I offer what beauty I have that the world might come alive, be healed, know God. That is love.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Calvin and Hobbes on Ideas

For those of you taking finals, pause and reflect, and enjoy!;)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Game of Chess. A Choice You Make.


Approaching life people often use the metaphor of a game of chess. What are you? A piece, the player, the board? If asked when I was younger, I would have probably pointed to one of the pieces, maybe the royal knight or a humble pawn. As a piece your job is straight forward and to achieve an objective; do well for your team and conquer an enemy and you've won. Othertimes in the past I'm sure I've been the person behind the piece, the mastermind, the personal controlling movements in my force field.

But now, and with practice, I've realized I actually define myself as the board itself. I use the board to show that I frame how I deal and see life around me.

The purpose of naming myself as the board, or for defining how life occurs to me is to give myself the power to tranform each experience or unwanted condition into one that I choose to live. Again, I have the power to change the experience, not necessarily the condition. But by transforming the experience and how I see it, as a result changes occur.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Either/Or Philosophy-Kierkeggard

If I were to wish for anything I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of what can be, for the eye, which, ever young and ardent, sees the possible. Pleasure disappoints, possibility never. And what wine is so sparkling, what so fragrant, what so intoxicating as possibility?

- Soren Kierkegaard, Either/Or

He was one of the first existentialists. Like his role models, Socrates and Christ, he sought to examine how one lives one's life as the primary criteria for truth. When I organize my bookshelf I tend to get caught up in reading over my underlined notes in my books - and yes apparently all my books, even my philosophy. Hey, we all need a good Kierkegaard quote once in awhile...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Perspective - The Starfish Analogy.

Because lately I've been thinking a lot about perspective, contribution, and energy...maybe my little story helps to sometimes explain our assumptions we have about what makes sense to one and how it looks totally different to another. We must constantly be open to seeing and communicating, and humble enough to learn from one another-

Strolling along the edge of the sea, a man catches sight of a young woman who appears to be engaged in a ritual dance. She stoops down, then straightens to her full height, casting her arm out in an arc. Drawing closer, he sees that the beach around her is littered with starfish, and she is throwing them one by one into the sea. He lightly mocks her: "There are stranded starfish as far as the eye can see, for miles up the beach. What difference can saving a few of them possibly make?" Smiling, she bends down and once more tosses a starfish out over the water, saying serenely, "It certainly makes a difference to this one."

What did you learn from another today? Were you humble enough to cast away what you see as right?

One of many blessings: Hugs that engulf you!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Year

A year in review. I'm celebrating a couple of big year anniversaries for myself within the next month here.

1. Year review at work
2. Year older
3. Year dating the boy
4. Year ahead

The year review at work went very well and really confirmed the decision I had made last year to move down here. My mentor and I discussed many different elements of my professional/academic performance over the last few months and then set some developmental goals/progress that we are going to review three months from now.
Positives: "Sponge factor" easily coachable, exponential growth potential! observes and gets it
Diplomatic, tactful, and displays leadership qualities "manage up"
Attention to detail now matches "big picture" skill

Developmental Goals:
Continue growing into a leadership role in the organization by encouraging peers to develop their attitude and teambuilding skills
Continue to improve on details in program development

More on the other year factors later!

Friday, December 01, 2006

His Dog is on MySpace

We all love dogs. I love dogs. I plan on getting one as soon as I get myself a bit more settled. But this post isn't about my dog - it's about dogs on MySpace. Recently one of my co-workers launched a myspace page for his dog. While he won't ever put his name on my space, he started one for his dog, where she keeps a blog and will be posting videos, etc. Kaela must be a smart dog to be able to write so well. Read the blog, it's a great laugh for Friday morning.

What's next?? Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Farming Parable

This is a parable that my grandfather always tells me, and I think is worthwhile to share -

Four young men sit beside their dying father. The old man, with his last breathe, tells them that there is a huge buried treasure in the family fields. The sons crowd around him crying, "Where, where?" but it is too late. The day after the funeral and for many days to come, the young men go out with their picks and shovels and turn the soil, digging deeply into the ground from one end of each field to the other. They find nothing and, bitterly disappointed, abandon the search.

The next season the farm has its best harvest ever.

This speaks to our limited understanding of the nature of gifts the that are in store for us - I like it the idea of doing hard work and not even being able to fathom the ultimate results.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's All Invented

A shoe factory sends two marketing scouts to a region of Africa to study the prospects for expanding business. One sends a telegram back saying,


The other writes back triumphantly,


Which way do you look at things?

Monday, November 27, 2006


Thanksgiving from finish.

That's Mom and I up early in the morning carving the turkey! We took great diligence in stuffing the thing to death...ha.

This is post carving the turkey - my Oma and I are making the gravy. (Special family receipe) Notice I look more awake.

The feasting table of course.

Mom and Heidi in their German aprons putting on the final preparations.
Post feast, all the kids vying for a spot to sit on the same couch.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


It’s not a surprise that I bring an enthusiasm and energy to work that I view as meaningful. Having a father who was an entrepreneur, and a mother who worked with cancer patients, passion was at the core of my upbringing. Our discussions at the dinner table centered around the environmental patent Dad was working on for his new catalytic converters, or how Mom had witnessed the strength of a pediatric cancer patient. I learned at a young age that I did not want to do something just to acquire fame or material wealth, but that I wanted to channel my energies toward a cause and make a difference. I was raised in such a way that passion was merely the byproduct of doing something that you loved.

Study Published on Public Universities

Education Trust just published a new study, examining public school flagships and their efforts in providing education to minority students and those from low-income families. The results are not shocking, as it's become clear that even public school's want to boost their competitive edge, and therefore resorting to admitting based on scores. Check out this article to see where your state school ranked. Illinois got an F, way to go-
Flagships Flunked

Monday, November 20, 2006

This is how to stay young forever. It's a way of living.

1. Being young is discovering that you've just inherited the world and that it's a marvelous one. It's also flawed, woefully mismanaged and seriously imperilled. It means setting out with all the idealistic fervor of Don Quixote to rescue it, to change it, to polish it till its new again.

1 1/2.It's not caring that you are probably destined to fail in all the big ways. It's doing it anyway, and discovering that maybe the "small way" matters more than you think.

2. Being young means its your job to fall in love, and you do it extravagantly and often. You fall in love not only with potential romantic partners, but with trees, with the dark and shiny streets where you walk with your friends at midnight, with the color of the sky when you rise from your bed at five a.m., with a snatch of music that you heard once and never forgot.

3. Being young means you are perfectly beautiful and beautifully perfect. You are not too fat, too pimply, too large of nose or legs or teeth, nor too small of breasts or eyes or height--though some may tell you that you are. But believe me, there will come a day when you gaze at a photograph of your young self and be absolutely stunned by its beauty. And you will wonder how you could have failed to see it, to inhabit it, to celebrate it every day.

4. Being young means you make mistakes. Glorious mistakes. Dumb mistakes. Sometimes even the kind of wild mistakes that will cause you to wonder what you were thinking. It's crying and regretting and bemoaning those mistakes until you realize they weren't distractions from the road after all. They were the road.

5.Being young means your body is meant for movement. It's a time for dancing, making love, for running, for being able to do prodigious amounts of work, then collapsing in exhaustion, only to get up the next day and do it again.

6. Being young means you have very little time and less patience for sitting on the couch, watching other people live their lives on TV. You're far too busy with your own.

7. Being young means you ask the big questions.

8. It means you stay up half the night with your best friend and lover formulating answers, and then go to bed deliriously tired, intoxicated with possibilities. Even though you know no more than you did before you started. And it means continuing the conversation in your dreams where maybe--just maybe--the real answers lie. (I do this all the time:)

9. Being young means that you see really well, and you hear really well and so you look with all your heart. And you listen the same way.

10. Being young means that you're capable of surprising and rattling and inspiring your world. And so you do! Whether the world likes it or not, whether it listens or not, whether it cares or not. Because this is your time and you're going to seize it.

*And no, it isn't all about age. In fact, some of the youngest people I know had enough candles on their last birthday cake to ignite a wildfire.

Our worst fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God; your playing small doesn't serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us. It is not just in some of us, it is in everyone, and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people premission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

Nelson Mandela

I've been reflecting on this comment much lately, and in fact I may pull a bit of it to write one of my graduate schools essays. This quote truly reflects the very thoughts I had prior to rolling into last summer. If I could have heard myself in January, I was saying to my superiors that I didn't want to be the Program Director, nor did I feel confident in my abilities to do so. I ensured them that my skills weren't up to par, and that in my complete honesty I felt that I needed further development.

Development I received. In the coming months I had the unique opportunity to shadow one of the best PD's ever. (names will not be disclosed) and truly get a hands-on experience for what the role of the PD was. Sure I was 22, and all the other Program Director's were significantly older, but I learned that it would be through my actions and decisions that I would establish my greatest credibility. Utlimatly this would be the only way I'd gain the respect of my summer team.

Again, time passed. They told me I could be the PD, and I accepted. Before I knew it I was standing on the stage in front of 300 college-aged staff, spouting bits of leadership curriculum. Leadership curriculum I had co-wrote, lesson plans I had designed, and it was being taught. It was at that moment that I woke up, and saw the other half of this quote come to life. Who am I not to brillant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? So there isn't a benchmark for me to personally measure up against, but that's just it. For me, there may never be a benchmark that I can measure up against. There never has been, because I'm going to do my own thing, in my own time, and in my own way. I'm proud of the fact I broke through barriers, graduated early, moved out of my house and to Florida. Of course I'm looking for my next break, it's how I am.

It's how I've always been, and how I always want to continue to be. Me.

Now back to the graduate school essay...

More Options.

Go big, go long, and go home.

More comments on this later.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Entrepreneurship in the Classroom

CNN: Entrepreneurship University. Entrepreneurship is quickly becoming the latest trend. Everyday I see more and more newspapers hosting articles talking about the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. Looks like the next thing to hit will be entrepreneurship education. I think this article raises a good question though, can entrepreneurship be taught? I think we will see more and more certificate, business, and MBA programs alike launch entrepreneurship programs. I’d be interested in assessing how successful these programs are in creating entrepreneurs. One of the schools I’m looking at for my MBA offers a program in innovation and entrepreneurship. I’d love and am planning in the long run to set up my own business, and wouldn’t it be great to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs on how to raise venture capital, gain investors, and what worked and what really bombed. Learn from experience, it’s always been my motto.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Iraq Cutoff

It’s clear that both parties and individuals are caught in conflict over the war. This is not something that has changed, but rather resurfaced due to the most recent elections. I am in agreement with Abizaid in that we cannot materialize a time nor date for when the withdrawal of US troops can begin. This isn’t a simple game of ping pong, but rather a complex causation and effect, with not only lives, but global security at stake. In our efforts to strengthen the Iraq government, we cannot harshly decide to pull out if the job gets dirty. I’m sorry folks, but we have to look further ahead then just today. Yes this war may have been in the running as long as WWII, but it doesn’t necessitate knee-jerk reactions. Strategy needs to change, and the bottom line is that clear cut objectives need to be outlined and made known to the people. And as for Hillary’s comment, “there is no hope,” yes, well that doesn’t quite cut it in my book either. Could you perhaps articulate a bit more Ms. Clinton? Provide insight as to where you exactly stand. Hmm, g’luck.

Was Dr. Seus a Democrat?

How lobbyists should prepare for the Democratic takeover, I like how they introduce this by saying "If I ran the zoo"

(See end of the article)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Heming Way: 6 Words

Hemingway – an author in the canon - actually wrote a short story once only using six words:
“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”
Wired Magazine did a creative little article and asked other well known, and not so well known to author using only six words. You up for the challenge? Perhaps business people should take a few notes from him. (lengthy memos n emails)

In his famous words to F. Scott Fitzgerald: “I write one page of masterpiece to ninety one pages of !@#$,” Hemmingway confided to him in 1934. “I try to put the *!@# in the wastebasket.”

S. Africa Democracy

S. Africa has ruled to recognize gay marriages. I think it’s interesting to note that they pride themselves in being democratic. But does a true democracy recognize and uphold certain truths that are self-evident, and make decisions around these standards? Such as a man and a wife being a union? Or is democracy change, the definition many in our country have now deeply taken to…

Monday, November 13, 2006

A Bull in a China Shop

After wrestling with more numbers, and decimals...

Wandering the earth in a 5'5 frame (that's a good day, w/heels), I know strength doesn't come in with a certain appearance. Although I think there are many still out there that believe strength comes adorned in willpower, stamina, and even the age old brute strength. But, what if strength were the opposite? What if strength was the ability to show vulnerabilities that might appear to some as weakness? What if strength was the ability to see things for what they truly were?

I think the answer can only come to us when we are still enough to hear it. Perhaps in those moments we want to strive ahead, strength is actually in self-restraint; to be still, and to listen. Like a bull in a china shop, it's easy to see the visible strength, but the moment he makes sudden movements, everything comes crashing down. His strength is more in his ability to harness his gifts.

It takes strength to become familiar with our "weaknesses". I know a lot of people who would like to say "I can do it on my own." People own this mantra in their careers, in the way they run their families, and manage their money. According to most sacred texts, pride is a fault. And I would like to believe that perhaps it takes more strength to acknowledge that we might not have all the answers, and even more courage to to see that we need other people.

Quick Fix Democrats

It looks like the Democrats are already pushing in many different ways for a quick fix. Exhibiting their push for withdrawal of the US troops in two ways: 1) Pelosi backing Murtha who was one of the initial advocates for pulling the troops out and 2) their recommended strategy to Bush to force redeployment; it looks like they want fast change.

What needs to happen is that the President needs to exhibit his power and refocus his party. There needs to be a well-thought out and different strategy employed for Iraq, yes, but it needs to not be a sudden “fix it by leaving” approach. He has until January to gain the confidence of his supporters. Pulling out U.S. troops would not only yield vast carnage, it would greatly strengthen the hands of terrorists and terrorist states (especially Iran and Syria) in the region. Shuffling the U.S. administration is not going to change any of these circumstances.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Realists? Democrats?

CNN hosted an interesting article today that outlines one of my concerns as Democrats are the majority. Will they decide to block the president or demonstrate the ability to govern? In what way will they display Democratic allegiance? The only way real change and positive growth is going to come to fruition is if people decide to stop making it about them, and start dealing with the real issues.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Thinking about business. It's from the gmat and the numbers taking over my head....

What I'm thinking about tonight is the wonderful examples I've had in my life. I have a few memories flashing through my head right now as I vere away from my studies to reflect upon other such things.

Opa - Self taught in refining metals, sponsored from Germany, started his business from the ground up and was successful. But not only was he good at business, but he's good at love and balancing life. For when I think of Opa I think of his soft smile, and hands that held mine when they'd get so cold. I think of the way he's lived his life through a great faith in God and a great love for his wife and family. This is true success. This is truly what I pray for.

Mom - Learns from experiences, and extremely positive attitude and outlook on life. A very hard working woman who managed to balance a demanding career with raising two children. This has been a great thing to learn from. She's exceptionally intelligent and someone who has had one of the greatest impacts on my life. She's constantly seeking to learn more and help more. And at age 50 she's heading up a innovative career and truly leading others. Go Mom!
The best thing ever is, to have my Mom on your side, you've got quite a powerful force.
...My mom and I happen to be very similiar. It's crazy when we are together!

Prof. Pinnix - Someone who truly offered me the gift of humbleness. Being one of the smartest individuals I knew, he had a gentle and soft nature about him that caused you to be attracted to him. I'll never forget when we saw each other after a year had gone by, and he ran up to me and hugged me and told me it was so great to see me. It was Jack who believed in me when I was a mere 20 year old, believed that I would change the world with my energy and that it was only a matter of time. He called me the energizer! From him I see the world differently, and with a compassion to inspire and move others.

This is where I will leave off for tonight. There are many others I've been blessed to share my path with, and share in my journey. And to all of them out there, wherever they may be, may they feel the resonance of my gratitude.
Signing off,

Vision 2012

DePaul University announced and as been tracking it's progress towards Vision 2012, and recently has made their milestones and plan public. I commend their efforts in continuing to strengthen and build upon their academic structure and community as a university. What I like the most is their aim to act as an institution to prepare women and men to be at the forefront of their chosen fields as ethical and socially engaged leaders. An incentive to continue education at DePaul: I could take on an even more active within their ASK and Leadership Institution program for undergraduates. I'm also be very interested to sit on the board for Vision 2012, and the role that Kellstadt Business School could act as a vehicle for change.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - Walmart

According to CNN Walmart will be decking the halls with Merry Christmas this year instead of Happy Holidays. I find it interesting that the Christians and Catholics packed on this much heat, and a boycott last year that it resulted in this response. Once again illustrating the power in numbers.

From Our Friendly Mac Users

Small little joke of the day.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Own Address

There's been a lot of stimulation lately surrounding different avenues of my life. It finally feels good have been able to take a breathe, look over the horizon, and navigate accordingly. As far as the important things in life go these are the relevant issues that have been on my mind.

1. What I want to do. This includes a lot. I've had a surge in my research and reading lately. Education is power. And so in my investigating I found another degree I'd like to get in Educational Policy and Leadership. I've had dreams since I entered education of being able to have further impact in acting on the state board or working for a think tank in research, possibly in terms of advocating on a higher level to get experiential learning in the classroom. I've thought about when the right time is, if I should switch things up in terms of my MBA applications, and have come to the following conclusion: start out with the generalist degree, get some working experience, dabble in a few personal endevors to get a taste for more, and evaluate. I am young, and I'm not going to get myself thinking I don't have time to do it all i.e. the career, the family, my own business, and a nice vacation in the mountains...ah.

2. Politics. I didn't come from the most political family, sure my parents voted, but we didn't have real debates over these issues. Of course the majority of the family is very conservative and republican, but they didn't really tell me why. It wasn't until I took a few political science courses at DePaul that I started to get an inkling as far as what goes on. With the latest mid-term election I have to say I have become even more interested in politics. Reading about them, talking about them, and thinking about them. As a citizen of the US I feel it is not only my right but my duty to use my education and decision making skills to be impactful and serve our country. I want to live for a cause, and maybe even wave my banner. I believe that in the coming few years I want to find a place for my voice to be heard, an outlet for me to be a further advocate for my views through supporting and educating my fellow citizens.

3. Location, location, location. More specifically, DC and the opportunities it could hold for me as a budding student and professional. In being there in the coming election year I could be host to a wide array of events that may foster and develop those very things I so wish to imbed into my professional and personal life/career. Additionally, I've done Chicago. I know the scene, and I know what it offers. For those of you that know me more intimatly you know there is a fierce passion that burns inside of me for adventure and the new. I enjoy a good challenge. It's been my experience that in those situations where I am breaking new grounds that I learn the most about myself and the world around me. New experiences = new ways of thinking = inspiration. If you've ever seen me bored, it's not a good thing...

4. Can't lie - the gmat. Thanks to a recent interview I've mustered up great amounts of motivation again to really kick this thing in the rear. I'm determined to do well and definatly am not going to take it again. This is not an option. Heck, all the other components of my application are pretty darn competitive, and I'll be damned if I can't keep up that trend.

5. Being a woman. Laugh all you want. I think it's awfully funny how excited and astonished rare it is for women nowadays to get an MBA. And moreso how excited those administrative folks you do speak to get when you say you don't want to just get one, but you want to serve the fellow female MBA's in a greater leadership capacity. And to tell you the truth that's one of the main reasons I want to get an MBA. Sure I want the hard skills to go with the soft skills, but I also want to help inspire, motivate, and educate fellow females about the opportunities in business. Equally important is the leadership component, and I have a couple of things to say about this and it's development in the business industry.

Enough thoughts, it's time for dream land. Au revoir` (bet you didn't know I spoke french, or at least 1/8)

President's Address

Glad I can listen to NPR from work. God bless it.

Interesting notes from Bush' speech so far:

- Faith community initiative focus
- Deal w/ it. His answer to war. We'll deal with it. (what does this mean)
- Some problems require more then govt. help
- People not content, but will make decisions based on principles
- Strategy: he's looking for changes, underlies he doesn't want the troops to come home

What to get done:
No Child Left Behind
Energy - foreign oil dependency

What I think: Get ready for a gridlock. Both good and bad.

Favorite Quote right now:
Herman: "Bush disappointed in outcome, does this mean you are out of touch with the American public?"

Why Gates:
Connected to national security
worked for a # of presidents before

Gates Replaces Rumsfeld

After much prediction, Rumsfeld looks like he will be resigning. To take his place will be Robert Gates, former head of the CIA. What does this mean?

Bush made it sound like Rumsfeld would resign otherwise and that basically everyone needs how to learn how to get along. It'll be interesting now to see if he can pull of the united front he ran on in 04'

Or Else is Here

All in all, I think Michael Leeden said it best over at The Corner: "In retrospect, isn't it fair to say that Bush's reelection and the Congressional results in '04 were basically a message to him? 'Get Iraq right, you've got two years or else.' And he hasn't got Iraq right, so the 'or else' arrived as threatened."

Oh my. Here we go.

House of Blues

My question is has this race truly been more about competence in President Bush then idealogy? And what does this mean for 2008? How will the parties align?

Good News. Bad News. No News.

To my dismay I had to go to sleep earlier then I would have liked, unable to finish up the election night hoopla with MSNBC. It meant I had to wake up this morning to good news, bad news or no news. Looks like it's smack in the middle.

It's coming down to the wire now and the news continues to flash that closest heat for the Senate, now dependent on two states: VA and MT. What will happen?

VA: Hard race to call. What's projected right now is about a 1% difference.

MT: Tester is in the lead here again by merely 1%.

There is likely to be a recount ahead of us.

Conclusion, you can't tell right now because it's this close to the wire. With a 1% lead things could easily sway either way. What we do know is that the House is now a Democratic one. I'd like to see the Republicans keep control of the Senate, otherwise I fear we could have a bumpy road into the coming Presidential election. With the war on the forefront, and currently unresolved, I don't think a Democratic Senate would be our best bet either. They say the people want a change, but do the citizens really have an idea of what change they seek?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


2006 Elections Blunder so far:

- Problems w/ electronic voting (not surprised and certain demographic locations where these were placed render problems i.e. older populations, lower income, etc.)

- KY poll worker chokes a voter (personal favorite, what’s next, death by ballot?)

- Lawyers are already predicted to try to keep the polls open later in TN. (Democrats think this will help….hmm)

- The public is being told that exit polls will greatly sway votes and that the GOP should beware. So if they told us that the Republicans had already won could we just open the bottle of Champaign?

Next year at this time, I have to admit it would be pretty fun to be in DC amidst all the activities. I heard all the political bloggers are headed to the Tryst to have an e-lection night party. P.S. I recently got bit by a bug, the political bug.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Illinois' Race: Election 2006

I got my vote in, knowing full well that I wouldn't be able to do it from my current residence. I'm not too keen on our choices for IL Governor, but I guess you take what you get.

Blagojevich - He wound up in some infortunate cirumstances and is under corruption investigation by Patrick Fitzgerald. Given what happened with the former Governor Ryan and investigations, this is really hurting his campaign. He also took a lot of money away from state education last year which I'm not very keen on. Examining his historical record I don't see him fulfilling or having much success with his promises on cutting taxes, yet boosting budget spending towards education.

Topkina - She's considered the moderate republican, which today is somewhat rare. However, she seems to sit on the fence when it comes to certain issues like abortion and gay marriage. It may work to her advantage since she may capture more independent voters, and also for those who don't want see to Blagojevich back in office, this is the really only other viable option.

We'll see how tomorrow turns out. On a personal note, I'd be much more interested if it were a senate race.

Economics of Obesity

I've been doing a lot more reading lately and have taken on a new personal course of study until I enter back into academia. It's best to keep the brain jogging at a regular rate and what better way to do it then read. Check out this article entitled "The Fat of the Land" and how it explains some of the economics of obsesity. It sheds some light on yet another one of America's epidemics. Then after you do that, check out Obesity in America's animated map and the rapid changes that have occured throughout the last 20 years. See what percentage of the population in your state are obsese. If it's anything like what I saw, the results will really shock you. The rapid movement is grueling, and the scary thing is this issue isn't going away.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Free Hugs Campaign. Inspiring Story! (music by sick puppies)

This is a really good video. Offers some good insight.
I'll give a free hug-

Friday, October 27, 2006

My search for tics in core values.

In my line of business we talk a lot of "core values." But what exactly does this mean? It's been from my experience that the best way to explore something is by analyzing it from a wide variety of angles i.e. up, down, sideways, and under. Similiar to the way I used to examine my black lab for tics, I really had to look everywhere and not leave a hair unturned.

I'm beginning to see that core values can't exactly be discovered, but rather they are something that IS and come from experiences. They go with you wherever you go, no matter your environment. And they are the things that you feel down to your tippy, tippy toes. And the other main thing is that it doesn't matter WHAT core values you have, but THAT you HAVE. Your life aligns with these in business, relationships, and you develop your strategies and actions with these core values.

Everyone's core values are different. In research, it's been cited that there are no universal core values that make or break a company. Take for example Disney and HP. Both companies started and grew, grew, grew and changed. But their core values didn't.

HP core values - Respect the individual.

Disney - Magic, wholesomness, imagination, and attention to detail.

Even when Disney went from producing small cartoons to full length features, large theme parks, and Disney radio - they still were about the same above core values. The same goes for HP.

In my next edition we'll examine politics, and more specifically Regan and Carter in terms of this issue.

So what can I make from this? You have core values. And they are your underlying causes that must drive, drive, drive you. And even when change and stimulus are presented these very things remain true. And most importantly there are no "right" or "wrong" or universally successful core values.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Excerpt from a lovely conversation today w/someone who is like a blanket to my soul:

"You really are my type of people, you know"

"And sometimes one only notices that when they around the antithesis of what we thrive off of."

When you're not living in a bubble you get to experience something I call the grit. And then there's the blanket. And that's where the love is. When the blanket comes down around you even when there's dirt, that's love. That's my people.

Monday, October 09, 2006

If you need me...

It's October and I'm in our new office. I've set up a nice little lamp for myself on my desk that brings warmth to this otherwise brand new cubicle. But soon enough I'll be sitting at a cherry wood desk in an open office and frames of friends and family will shed further light on my days. It's the little things.

This month seems like the busy month. I just got back from a trip to Pittsburgh, where I saw my breathe in the morning! (that's cold!) I thought I was ready for living up north again, but I may have to think this through a bit more. I mean it may mean I have to put on a few pounds to help fend off the bitter chill that comes with being a Yankee. Better yet, I'll layer wool sweaters and invent some handy dandy hand warming thingamabob.

This Friday I'm traveling to Chicago at the wee crack of dawn to help Mom move into her brand new house, and yes it has a fireplace in the kitchen! How picturesque is that! I got to see it when I was up home the last time in August. It's really quite charming. Brand new too. So this means I will be seeing all my girlfriends this weekend, wearing my favorite sweater, and spending time with my family moving boxes. Delight. Actually I like some good manual labor every now and then.

So for now it's back to writing frontloads to various leadership activities. You know teambuilding, communication, that sort of thing that the big men in black suits love me for. I'm also listening to The Fray and coveting some famous mint sprig tea. If you need me I'll be enjoying life.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

because of you

because today i thought about you my dear boys. today i thought about how strong you are!

...because you had hearts of gold
....because you took the "wild west skit show" class i taught
....because you had laughs
....because you could run so fast, i could barely keep up
....because justin was your superhero
....because even though you didn't like to be hugged by girls, you let me hug you
...because you knew so much about life and catepillars
...because we tried to fish in the mud
...because of you im stronger.
(cancer survivors, new mexico, 2005)

Monday, September 25, 2006

The 15 year old girl and Piano Man

I found myself next to a piano Sunday afternoon in this large 3.1 million dollar home. And I was singing. Somehow this Piano Man had whisked me back to this place, a place filled with music, and good friends, and a place where I was that 15 again. I was the little girl who turned Frank Sinatra on at age 11, and had my own personal performances from the ledge of the family room which included dancing and singing and an audience of stuffed animals (elephants and bears). As I got older I'd sing on real stages, in front of real audiences, from Hello Dolly to Les Mesirables. And I've loved every minute of it.

Now that I'm 23 (well almost) I can be found dancing around the townhouse, trying to twirl my boyfriend in the kitchen, and singing frequently in the car with the windows down. (FL needs more of me and my happy music making)

But yeah, Piano Man was so amazing -from Elton John to The Eagles. He really rocked the place out.

I was so happy to be making music again. And I can assure you, this won't be the last of it...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy List

1. Having a washer/dryer in your unit...warm towels out of the dryer (mmmm)

2. Children and the love and laughter they bring to life. I like kid watching.

3. Giggling.

4. Chat w/ best girlfriends about silly twin dogs.

5. Cooking for people you love, it just feels good.

6. Smile wrinkles I'll have

7. Surprises. Both the doing and the receiving.

8. Letters from Oma & Opa. (6 pages long!)

9. Knowing you can call someone after midnight, and they won't yell at ya.

10. High speed internet, and working from bed.

11. Long hair and easily sweeping it into a ponytail! So good on busy nice.

12. Getting dressed up for special occasions. I like to wear those cute, sexy dresses in my closet now and then.

13. Butterflies in the stomach and still getting nervous even though you've known the guy for awhile.

14. Music - the blues for the rainy days, the country for the ol heart and soul, and sinatra for dancing in the kitchen.

15. The smell of lilacs.

16. All the 'little' things in life. And how I could go on and on. Just like this.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Steady at the Wheel

I reviewed John Mayer's latest album, Continuum this morning over my tea and GMAT readings. I was generally unimpressed with it. He's got great guitar skills, but this album seems to revert back to his usual style. I'll have to listen to it some more to give a full report. Lots of heartbreak and rehatching the dream in the lyrics, and they threw in some classic John Mayer Trio songs to spice it up. Overall it's lacking the bluesy feeling and growth that I was hoping he'd showcase.

Tonight marks the first GMAT class, and with that I am officially (ive been doing it somewhat for about 2 weeks now) going to begin my Marie Antoinette regim of running, eating healthy, and totally loving math, also seeing being queen as my destiny.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Girl Seeking Lakes

[…] I came across this fantastic essay titled Climbing Mountains or Looking for Lakes that resonated with me quite a bit: I’m a lake seeker, not a mountain climber. I’m looking for beauty and satisfaction, not prestige and achievement. It’s the same in all aspects of my life, like blogging. I blog for expression, connection, and conversation, not to break into the Technorati Top 100 and not to make money. I don’t look at my hit counts or subscriber numbers, except when I can’t avoid them or when I just can’t help myself. It’s not that I’m not competitive and it’s not that those things aren’t important and useful in some contexts. It’s that I’m temperamentally wired to look for what’s beautiful, peaceful, and comforting in the world. Paying attention to that other stuff makes me unhappy. […]

This says it all.

Season of Change

I have been on a journey, most of it not measured in miles.

It started out with a plane ride into Atlanta, Georgia that got me onto the next plane to Knoxville, Tennessee. My first encounter with a true Knoxvillian that set next to me was very cool. Sitting down, he put up the arm rest that went between our two seats. Finally engaging in conversation after laughing together as we saw baggage being thrown into the bottom of the plane, I learned that he was working down in New Orleans. Revamping the city and overseeing the operations emergency relief effort, he had been away from home and his family for 8 months. Over casual conversation I realized this was the type of people I longed for in South Florida, this was the type of person I could pass in church on Sunday. Something felt right.

My next few days were filled with laughter, good food/drinks, warm moments, and listening. One afternoon we sat on the couch reading the newspaper and watching the news. Turning off the tv and thinking about the future, I turned and put my head on his chest and felt tears stream down onto his shirt. He held me closer and slowed my beating heart. We made peace with all the things that had troubled and excited and agitated us so far on this journey: the way life is a give and a take and a long term investment, and yes you can grow together. The truth is that as you begin to let someone grow closer to you, and you closer to them, you get the chance to learn to be more authentic everyday. What a great gift. The honesty and respect are so much better then the cutsy couple any day.

Those few days there with him gave brought a newfound depth to our relationship. (kisses aren't bad either) I mean, of course I miss him, but I also know that I'm so blessed to have someone like him in my everyday life.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Distracted by Light

He had simply gotten distracted by the other lights.

The other day at the beach I had the chance to meet a new friend that gave me some insight into my own life. It was a baby sea turtle that had gotten turned around and was walking towards the town right off the beach. This small, little creature was trying with all this might to get to where he needed to go. All he knew was that where there was light was where he was supposed to be.

Spotting this small babe, I reached down and picked him up. He had simply gotten distracted by the other lights. I walked down to the water's edge and placed him into the water. Off he went swimming.

What does this have to do with me? He had simply gotten distracted by the other lights. Hung up on old expectations and feelings I too had become distracted by other lights. Floodlights. You know the type that knock everything else out of the picture; they cause you to lose perspective. But thanks to hands, all different types of hands, coming in different shapes and forms, picking me up, gently nudging me -through words, actions, and general self-examination (tough love) the light refocused. Accepting my situation and the amazing lesson it offers me, I'm turned around and back to being a lighthouse; a beacon that shines bright.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Wall Street What

A funny thing happened walking out of the door to work today.

The little grandma who lives next door to me (now referred to as LG) poke her head out as if she was waiting for me to leave and says the following

LG: "Oh you're still getting that newspaper huh?" (she's talkign about the Wall Street Journal)

Me: "Yes mam' we are"

LG: "Oh is he ever going to come and back get it to read it?" (He would be my former roomate Mr. Circus Burberry Sweater)

Me: "I read it actually. It's for me. "

LG: "Oh...I see. The Wall Street thing with the numbers and such "

Perhaps women in her day didn't read the Wall Street Journal. This is a new day. I did have a nice little laugh driving to work though, and then proceeded to rip off the plastic wrap and smell my fresh Wall Street. It's the way I start my day now. I should have given her the paper to read! It's a good daily dose!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Every Reason in the World

We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed and broken. We are perplexed but we don't give up and we don't quit.

2 Corinthians: 4:8

I have every reason to be the happiest girl ever. I am very appreciative to a very special person in my life. I haven't had the chance to witness and feel this type of friendship!! before. To be able to see God's strength exhibited through a man towards a woman is quite amazing. He's one of a kind, and he's mine.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Technology and Women

I love technology, especially when I figure it out. My latest adventure has been with the wireless internet. The first thing I had to do was to have my local cable company out to install the modem for High Speed Internet. Great, easy, done. The next step was getting the wireless router to hook up to the modem (easy) and then link up to my computer. The best part was that we had some problems, but then I got it to work! I love it when this happens.

See, there's this stereotype around women and technology that I totally want to debunk. Ever since I was little I loved playing with technology and why, well my parents were nice enough to let me experiment on the stereo and how it hooked up to the tv. They let me try and figure out how nintendo hooked up to the television, and Dad even let me play around with his computer. One time Dad and I got so involved in trying to fix the computer that we got to take a look at the CD drive...and yes, you're right that computer did never come back to life. But that point is you have to not be intimidated by it and you have to trust yourself. They make it pretty easy on us nowadays.

To solve my little problem I went online and figured out how to run a command prompt from my computer that would give me my IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway. Once I had this I could keep the ball rolling. But I had a moment where I felt all energized inside, when I was typing in DOS mode.

It feels good to be able to work with technology. And now I'm announcing the birth of my little logitech camera made special for notebooks. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Until then...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

School of Hard Knocks

I've officially returned to the residence I've taken up in South Florida for the next year. Even though I've only been back for roughly 3 days I had accumulated enough frustration that sent me on a 1 mile run and opened up a bottle of wine. Ahh...there are better ways to deal with this...

For starters, since I do not have clear expectations and responsibilities for my job at this current moment I making the most of my time by working on evaluations (job task) as well as investing in my personal growth. This means graduate school essays periodically wander across my computer desktop. For me this is fun because I enjoy writing, and it's good to see that I have experiences and short/long term goals that perfectly compliment an MBA program.

This startup business atmosphere, although very frustrating at times, does offer an excellent learning tool. The school of hard knocks teaches me everyday about the dos and don’ts of business.

  1. Get organized
  2. Hire enough staff
  3. Place your employees in the right positions
  4. Set clear expectations and goals
  5. Get everyone on the same page
  6. Quit growing if you don’t have the resources to handle it

It's a funny environment here and all I know is that it's motivating me to want more. The biggest problem that I face is that this environment is slightly de-motivating, as I feel that I am not accomplishing much because there aren’t any tones set. Additionally, since I pride being successful and enjoy being successful I have to create my own milestones. Good learning lesson about myself!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Decompressing at the Houseboat

What I've been up to so far post my LA summer...

I just had the best weekend ever with my family. Below you will find pics. to help explain our houseboating adventures on Lake Shelbyville. The best part ever there is there are no distractions! (no internet, no tv, hardly any cell phone towers) It's a time for everyone to rest, relax, and play!!!

Here's a pic. of all the cousins doing a giant bubble bath on the water trampoline. How fun is that! So we splashed around on there for awhile and were trying to push each other in the water! Yay for family time and bubbles.

Here's the boat Little Feat. Of course my family also has great taste in music and they named their boat after the awesome band Little Feat since the folks in their family (my cousins) are always running around the boat. Our evenings and afternoons were composed of a little toddlin in the boat, beer, The Who and other great music.

This is a picture of me out on the lake. Check out the beautiful background. Once we moved the boat away from the dock and anchored it in the cove we were surrounded by the forests and trees. We spotted an owl flying over the water. Of course you'll notice I'm wearing my Gallaudet University hat and tshirt. Can't let go of LA that fast....:)

Besides kayaking and swimming, Heidi and I took out Uncle Mark's jet ski one afternoon. What was so funny is that Heidi and I were doing some wave jumping and Heidi yells to me "Emily this makes me nervous!" We drove into a sand bar and switched drivers. I drove back. I am pretty proud of the fact that we never fell off!!

So overall it was a fabulous time. For one thing I know that I love being on water. It's relaxing and a great way to get away and reconnect with nature and your loved ones. So be on the look out for our boat - you'll spot it by the Pirate flag, American Flag, and of course a German flag!