Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Number Three

It's been a LONG time. I feel awful for not updating this thing on behalf of our third child.  Bless her, I haven't recorded many details or her birth story.

For starters, we had a sweet, precious baby girl on November 5th at 9:18pm. 

She came into the world quickly - minus two days before or start and stop laboring at home.  After many walks and bouncing on the ball, my water broke that Thursday evening and she was born within three hours of being at the hospital.  I had no epidural till right before I started pushing - which I pretty much demanded it.  I didn't want to push that baby out with out it.

She's a joy.  From the start she was super alert, awake, and ate like a champ.  She had a head of red hair and a strong 7lb body which seemed much larger then the twins.  Everything about her seemed just a bit further along.  Granted she almost made it to 40 weeks, born just 3 days before being full term.

She now is almost 4 months old.  She eats every 3.5 hours, and sleeps in her crib very well.  She is a smiley, easy going, laid back child.  It's like she almost knew that in order to make it all work she needed to be able to just go with the flow! 

She loves being sung to, kicking her legs at toys on the playmat, and sitting in her highchair watching the family eat dinner.

She is a real blessing to our family and we are enjoying having a sweet baby around again to love on.

We love you to the moon and back Caroline Rose!