Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Something New

The summer has started.  We've already had a few tablespoons of adventure, and I anticipate more of that tasty medicine to come (including the first bite of our homegrown veggies)!

Over Memorial Day we endured the plane ride out to California for a rendevue with family, check out SoCal, and meet up with some old friends.  The weather was absolutely amazing, boasting a 70 degree temperature with a breeze.  I did manage to get a tan, one that includes lines on my feet from sandals.

We saw Palm Desert, Santa Monica, and the Hollywood area.  We played with my littlest cousin, I rode a camel, and sat in as extras on the Entourage set.  We rode a ferris wheel, read by the poolside, and I tried on a goofy hat.  It was a perfectly fun time.

I love sharing new experiences with my husband.  While a new experience by yourself can be thrilling, to share it with someone is even more delightful.  Now when I remember what the Santa Monica skyline looked like at night from the top of the ferris wheel, I can turn to him and he'll smile too!