Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I really like this poem. It's beautiful...

Our union is like this: You feel cold, so I reach for a blanket to cover our shivering feet.
A hunger comes into your body, so I run to my garden and start digging potatoes.
You asked for a few words of comfort and guidance, and I quickly kneel by your side offering you a whole book as a gift.
You ache with loneliness one night so much you weep, and I say here is a rope, tie it around me, I will be your companion for life.

Our Union” by Hafiz

It's Fall...

It's fall now! Pumpkins and mums and spiders alike have been lining our neighborhood streets recently! It's wonderful.

Even in the midst of our busy season aka wedding in less then a month we've been partaking in fallish activities.

- Homemade lasagna for Sunday night dinner
- Reading "Where the Wild Things Are"
- Packing up the Boy - that's fallish right, new beginnings, new starts, and fall cleaning!?
- All things burnt orange and chocolate brown
- The witch hanging on the front door of our new home! Our first fall season in our new house!

I'm so ready for the wedding to get here now. I had my makeup and hair trial, and as much as I want to post pictures, I want to keep it a surprise for my darling fiance`. I'm just thrilled that my vision for the wedding is coming together, I can see it all now!

I'm so excited, I can hardly wait. A few winks and slumbers and itll be here before we know it! But between now and then we have to get him packed up and moved, and then we can get this E and C party started!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Well on Our Way

We are well on our way to the wedding date! On Wednesday it will be a month! Wow. Woot! Yay!!

So for those of you who don't know I actually designed our wedding invitation myself, with the help of my fancy (my fiance`). It came together quite nicely! I have put in generic info. and scratched our names out for you to see our design/protect our privacy. We are going for old fashioned meets charming. I will be wearing a birdcage veil if I can get it on right! :)

God has been really good to us. We've gotten so much support and love from our family and friends through this whole process. We are excited about the day to come!

There's just lots of anticipation now!