Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life with Twins: 11 weeks Old

The twins are 11 weeks old tomorrow! Time is flying by! Woo!  I can't help but want it to slow down just a little, to take every moment in...and I do by photographing and videotaping my kids on my iPhone.  What did parents do before this great handheld technology?

Life with twins is so joyful.  I can't imagine anything different. Over dinner my husband and I frequently comment on how blessed our marriage has been by Franklin and Elizabeth.  We have so many ample opportunities to work together, side by side.  You have to remember with twins - each parent has a baby, man on man so we are constantly in tandem as a team.  Whether it is feeding the babies, bathing them, going on walks, or just playing together as a family - my husband and I have witnessed how in sync we are as a couple.  It's a blast to see this wonderful rhythm between the two and now the four of us as a family! 

I've gone back to work just part time, making for an easier transition.  We have a wonderful nanny who comes to the house and plays and takes care of the twins while Mom is at the office for 1/2 a day.  We love, love our nanny.  Not only do we not have to get two babies out of the house in the morning (can you imagine!), but they get to nap in their own beds, get the unique one on one attention as well as stay on their own little schedules.  We also hope to avoid germs this way too:) Again, truly a blessing to have found a christian nanny to come into our house and care for our little ones. 

Babies updates:
- Franklin is laughing and giggling.  It's too fun!
- Ella is like a frog, always with her legs bent and moving
- Ella has clearly found her tongue and loves sticking it out!
- They smile frequently
- Love walks and baths for their evening routine
- Are sleeping a solid 7-8 hours each night now (yay!!)
-Most definitely recognize their Mommy and Daddy:)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Life with Twins - 2 months old

The babies have completely stolen my heart.  I watch them sleeping and cannot wait till they awake so I can squeeze their chubby cheeks, hug, and kiss them.

Now that they have flashed their smiles, it's like a competition between my husband and I to see who can make them smile more.  I have no problem acting like a fool to get my kids to smirk!

I have to say one of my favorite moments is at night with our bedtime routine (we just adopted this routine in the past week).  We feed them, I bath them, get them into their pjs, and then hand them to Dad who is sitting in the rocker with a book in hand.  A little story time, and rocking and we lay them down in their cribs where they drift off to sleep listening to Dad's voice.  What a wonderful way to go to sleep each night! :)

*As a side note on the evening the twins turned 2 months old they slept through the night for the first time aka they didn't wake for a 3am feeding!  They have continued this trend the remainder of the week.  I no longer feel like a walking zombie!! Franklin tries to get up around 5:30am, but we are able to give him his pacifier and he seems to drift back to sleep.  Elizabeth on the other hand is fast asleep many mornings until we get them up at 7am to eat.  Lately we find her with her blankets completely kicked off.

Things to Remember:
- the babies are out of the Swaddlemes, and sleep now with their little arms above their heads.
- Ella loves to be wrapped up in this pink, mink blanket.  It's quite hilarious to see this sweet little baby swaddled in a huge pink blankie.
- We actually put the swing together for the first time this past week
- Franklin loves his bright green monkey and his nose tickled
-Ella's eyelashes have come in, dark brown --- she is gorgeous!