Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Season Memories

a few things i want to remember this christmas season.
1. franklin calls all christmas lights and reindeer - "reindeer paws". think the song "up on the housetop reindeer pause" he thinks we are talking about paws.
2. their fav song is jingle bells. on repeat. in the van. loud.
3. ella loves to put snowflake stickers on her face. my face. everyone's face.
4. they say santa is not ready to come yet.
5. if i can't open it, change it, fix it, etc. immediately ella says "maybe daddy?" i love that in their mind daddy can fix everything! and i believe it:)
6. they can't say tinsel, so they call her pencil - which is our elf on the shelf's dog.
7. they ate far more candy then made it onto the gingerbread house. especially Frank!

8.  ella loved to unwrap the hershey kisses. about her favorite thing during gingerbread houses.
7.  Daddy cleaned out the playroom closets and switched things around.  They love love their new secret hideout in the long closet.  
8. they chase each other around - usually its F chasing E.  F will gently tackle E to the ground.  The other night he said "im doing it gently"
9.  F knows my first name is Emily. He says "i'm frank"  and "your name is Emily Mom" I kindly remind him I'm mommy:) 
10. Ella pulled out her easter bunny ears and wore them around one evening, kindly referring to them as bunny hoppers since they make you hop mom!