Thursday, June 20, 2013

One Year Checkup

The little people did awesome at their one year checkup.  They quickly recovered from shots and were nothing short of beautiful, healthy cherubs!

Both of them are about 30 inches long.  Franklin just 5/8 an inch taller then Ellerbee!

After their checkup (at 2:30pm) we celebrated as a family by going downtown, walking around market square, and playing in the fountains. We had a delicious meal out and were happy little campers.  Such a sweet stolen afternoon.  Summer memory!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

12 months

Blog, what blog?

The last few months - 12 months that is - have officially zoomed by!  The twins are now ONE year old! We had fantastic party, celebrating by inviting their closest friends (the 4 babies all born right before them), their dads and mommas (my best girl friends), and family and we played in the water.  SPLISH, SPLOSH, SPLASH! We had a baby pool, water table, and splash pad all outside.  The sight was goregeous, all these cutie patotey babies splashing around.

So a recap of the first year for us. The first 8 weeks we were in strict survival mode, but thanks to family, friends, and an amazing church family not only were the twins but also mom and dad well taken care of! 

The next few months (2 - 4) were getting everyone acclimated to a beautiful schedule and sleeping through the night by their 2 month birthday.  THANK YOU Babywise!! We swear by it, the kids are healthy, thriving, and fantastic eaters and Mom/Dad are well rested, and have time for themselves and their relationship from about 8pm on every night.

Months 4-7 were growing, growing, growing - we had a big Christmas trip to visit two different families over two weeks, all got sick when we were returned with the horrible noro virus (6 months old), and then learned how to sit and play more independently. They learned how to hold their bottles, and in general got stronger and more personality!

Months 8 - 12 - wow these went so QUICKLY and were probably some of the best of times we've had playing. First time in swings, first time swimming, first time eating ice cream and just experiencing life a WHOLE lot more.  It's so rich to experience things for a second time through the eyes of your children. 

A few favorite memories of 12 months:

Each night before bed we say night night, love you - Franklin says nye nye
This is such a sweet sound to a momma's ear

Ella Jane laughs, squels and has a very determined personality

Franklin loves wheels and can sit in one place spinning them for long periods of time. He loves to tip his wagon over, the baby stroller, etc. to watch and spin those wheels

Ella's favorite place to play during the day is inside the circus tent. You can find her in there with a book!

They love to eat! They are big eaters and anytime Mom/Dad are eating they want what we have!

They love each other. They like to hold hands, sit close by, and babble back and forth.

What a blessing!