Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Portrait of You

We met in a small southeastern corner of the world, but you and I have quickly made a world of our own. A world filled with hard work, laughter, and a beagle pup. From our early days driving around in the white Oldsmobile with the windows down, and good music turned up, you sparked my heart. The days spent planning away conferences, and the nights spent listening to The Dilengers at Elwoods, there would never be anyone quite like you. Not with your taste in music or ability to make me laugh. Not to mention how well you could speak to a crowd.

And even after the time that has passed between us, my heart still skips a beat when I imagine you as mine.

You are the boy with no voice
but the man with actions more powerful then words

The boy who plays in the dirt
but the man who puts in a hard days work

The boy who sings in the car
the man who is a leader at church.

The boy who dances with me in the kitchen
and the man who puts a steady rhythm to my life

The boy who cleans his plate
and the man who cooks by my side

The boy who loves an adventure
the man who makes sure I don't get lost

The boy who rough houses with the dog
the man who cares for me when I am sick

The boy who loves a good live concert
and the man who can analyze the heck out of a number

The boy with many friends
and the man with a great family

The boy who catches my eyes
and the man who has caught my heart

The boy with the freckles
and the man with steady wisdom

The boy I can't imagine being without
and the man who makes me better.

This is you.

Tuesday 28

The days are strung together by punch lists, and boxes, and blinds. By phone calls.

Too many memories in one weekend. Moving truck at bottom of hill. Superman boyfriend with wingspan of wow. Playing in the dirt. Moving sprinklers. First night fajitas. Working from home.

Stars glittering the night sky. Moon being seen from the window. Happy dog in the sunspot.

Roosters at the crack of dawn. Dust and dust everywhere. A new vacuum.

It's the little things.

So hot. Founder's day banquet. Enough gusto to speak. Laughter.

Shower rod, blinds, and powertools.

No voice, but love fills the silence.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Steady Stride Forward

Life is always going to be filled with little frusturations. Think about it, there are so many organisms moving on this little planet, that sometimes each one dances to their own groove and things don't go as planned.

My most recent chapter has taught me to just keep a steady stride forward, and don't get attached or weighed down by everything.

Life is still so rich.

With cupcakes
and flowers
and hugs
and skipping.

Just keep skipping, a steady stride forward.

Love, love.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

His Socks Rock.

I think its great that my family pretty much loves the socks off the Boy. When I was home this past weekend, my sweet Oma said "oh he has such a wonderful voice" and from there on out I found myself talking about the Boy and catching others up on him. I found Mom telling me how she couldn't see someone as a better fit. We even daydreamed for a minute about the future...but shhh:)

Yes, he is my i love you.

Next Friday we make our journey a little home.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Average Car Ride with Gibson.

This is an average car ride lately with our mascot, aka Little Boy, our Gibson. Always brings a smile to my face when I check the review mirror!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wanted: Whisker Awayer.

I am ready for a vacation.
A beach.
A book.
A tiny little umbrella.
A bikini.
Sleeping in.
A swim.
A poem.
A run.
A moment to just sit.
To be in love.
I want someone
to whisk me away
sweep me off my feet.

Do I ask too much?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Anatomy of Me

I am the singing dancing girl.
I am the girl with the ponytail
and the one who gets freckles under her eyes after playing in the sun.

I am the girl with the imagination,
and pointed toes.
I am the girl with the hugs
and kisses and riddles.

I am the girl who played on the beach with you
and even got a few grains of sand on you.
I am the girl who tells stories,
and laughs at herself.
I am her.

I am the girl who cried when you left
and smiled when you called.
I am the girl who put a bow on WD-40.
She is here.

I am the girl who moved to DC
and ran with bags up the hill.
I am the girl who drove to Knoxville
and back in 3 days.
I am here.

I am the girl who is smart,
but easily overwhelmed by numbers.
I am the girl that's loud then quiet
and then falls asleep.

I am the girl who moved to TN
got the pup and has the most wonderful man.
I am the girl who landed the job
and is buying a home, with a mountain view.

I am the girl who loves your spreadsheets,
whiskers, and irish jig.
I am the girl who yearns for your hugs,
laughter and conversation.

I am the girl that prays with you
and tells God she loves him, and holds hands.

I am still the girl.
The one who is letting her nails grow out at 25,
has a dogson, cooks dinner
and is afraid of spiders.

I am the girl who writes notes
from Friday.

I am the girl who is in love
and wants nothing more
then to live out this fairy tale.

With you.

A Thought.

I never expected that my heart would know a love so fiercely beyond the tensile of that early affection that I would find myself here.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Looking Out

Our days are busy and filled with letters, and numbers and questions. We calculate. We laugh. I ask you again about the numbers. You are so patient, and I listen as you reassure me.

We will remember this time, filled with dreams and spring rain. And how you felt like our dog was the one all the neighbors that was a bit odd. I will remember your eyes and the sound of your voice, and our list of questions.The color of the mountains the first time we looked out on them from the peak will stay with us as well.

We imagine backyards, and flowers, and trees. We talk about the what ifs, the to comes, and the always will bes. We finish each others sentences, and cheer the other on to confidence.

Oh my love, I tell you and close my eyes as you pull me closer. We have so much to be thankful for. We stare out onto the morning light together.

I squeeze your hand in mine, you are one of my questions answered.