Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We are preparing for Halloween at our house.

This year Elizabeth will be batgirl and Franklin is her trusty side kick Robin.  Momma is Catwoman and Daddy is Lt. Gordon.

Our first Halloween event is this upcoming Friday night at church - Trunk or Treat!

We can't wait to participate, and I just know the kids will have fun walking around everywhere and seeing the costumes.

Franklin's getting 3 new teeth in - his last molar and an additional set of eye teeth. He's been a little whiny lately.  I also attribute this too us taking away the pacis.  We are offically on a full week of them being gone.  And while they yammer on for about 20 minutes - Ella specifically does - after that they conk out for the night.  It was something that had to be done, and we had pushed it far enough off that we just had to DO IT.

Also, in other news I'm starting a new schedule.  It will become effective next Friday.  I think it will really help me to be my most productive at work, and also at home.  An additional day to tend to the family's needs is much needed and appreciated!

We carved pumpkins last weekend while my mom was in town. They had a great time getting ooey and gooey. Franklin in particular enjoyed scooping the pumpkin out and helping Dad!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Beach, New Starts, and Fall

We went to the beach for a week in the beginning of September.  Exploring a new piece of heaven off the coast of South Carolina. Neither the Mr. or I had been there before, but needless to say it was beautiful and just what our family of four needed.

You two instantly loved the beach.  There was no one there so you had the freedom to roam and run wherever you wanted. You both loved playing in the tide at the shore's edge and each day dad and i promptly dug you a hole to play in.  One of you would end up sitting in that hole by your little self playing in the tiny bit of water.

We played outside each day. You loved it. Your tiny faces sun kissed and sprinkled with ocean water. Franklin promptly collected shells and Ella ran after the birds. So many great first memories. AH!

Now fall is slowly rolling in.  Each of you are in such a precious place. Ella sings and hums, Franklin smiles and becomes bashful. We play tag, hide and seek, and you two exchange one of a kind smiles for each other after being seperated during nap time. You now have access to the kitchen and are minding so nicely.  You both have grown more patient and follow instructions. It's so exciting and beautiful as a Momma to watch this.

Dad started his new job.  This means more family walks in the evening. So nice!

I love you both more and more - could that even be possible! Thank you for filling my heart with joy and my days with laughter. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Change is Gonna Come

A fitting title for our lives right now. We are changing, growing, transitioning into what we are calling the next phase of life!  Ella and Franklin are walking.  Ella full out walking, Franklin trailing behind doing the 5-6 step shuffle. TOO CUTE to see these little bodies walking around my house.

Transitioning to one nap a day, unless we wake up grumpy in the morning, then stick to two. It's nice, we can be more flexible and spend mornings out and about.

More transitions - we've been blessed with a new job opportunity for my Mr. He will be transitioning into his new position in a few weeks. It will mean more opportunities for family time, a some great career opportunities for the family!

We are also looking forward to some time at the BEACH. For a week in fact! We've rented a house on Folly Beach - an island off Charleston, SC for an entire week - just the four of us. We are thrilled and cannot wait to watch the little's play on the beach and sit in sandy puddles playing.  A little rest, relaxation, and sun is definitely in order.

Life is good. It's been a really good summer.  I'm just soaking in every moment with my children.  They fill my heart with such joy, beyond what I could have imagined. I'm so thankful for a great husband, kids, and all my momma friends to share this journey with. Thank you Lord :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Time is Flying

Time is flying quickly. It's hard to believe it's already nearing the end of July.

This summer we had our first big road trip, and in our new mini van! It was a huge success.

We felt like the all American family, pulling up to a rest stop somewhere in Indiana, rolling out our picnic lunch of sandwiches and spreading our quilt out on the green lawn.  The kids crawled around and enjoyed eating al fresca!

The temperatures up in IL were perfect for a summer trip - boasting of a nice 75 degrees, while rain poured back at our southern homestead.  The kids did great, enjoyed seeing their grandparents, great grandparents, great aunts, uncles, and cousins.  We celebrated their first birthday while we were up there, and they got loads of fantastic gifts and even some shoes!

They are growing so quickly. Mimicking words, gestures, and more.  Sweet Ella has watched us hold hands at the dinner table and pray each night, and is now quickly taken to grabbing mine when I hold it out at dinner.  When I open my eyes after amen, she is just pretty pleased with herself for participating in this activitiy the only way she knows how - holding our hands! It's so precious!

Franklin is an eating machine! You think you've filled his plate, then by the time you fill sissy's he already needs more food! He grabs cheese, bread, and meat by the handfuls.  He's working on a double chin, and there's no cuter accessory on a 13 month old!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

One Year Checkup

The little people did awesome at their one year checkup.  They quickly recovered from shots and were nothing short of beautiful, healthy cherubs!

Both of them are about 30 inches long.  Franklin just 5/8 an inch taller then Ellerbee!

After their checkup (at 2:30pm) we celebrated as a family by going downtown, walking around market square, and playing in the fountains. We had a delicious meal out and were happy little campers.  Such a sweet stolen afternoon.  Summer memory!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

12 months

Blog, what blog?

The last few months - 12 months that is - have officially zoomed by!  The twins are now ONE year old! We had fantastic party, celebrating by inviting their closest friends (the 4 babies all born right before them), their dads and mommas (my best girl friends), and family and we played in the water.  SPLISH, SPLOSH, SPLASH! We had a baby pool, water table, and splash pad all outside.  The sight was goregeous, all these cutie patotey babies splashing around.

So a recap of the first year for us. The first 8 weeks we were in strict survival mode, but thanks to family, friends, and an amazing church family not only were the twins but also mom and dad well taken care of! 

The next few months (2 - 4) were getting everyone acclimated to a beautiful schedule and sleeping through the night by their 2 month birthday.  THANK YOU Babywise!! We swear by it, the kids are healthy, thriving, and fantastic eaters and Mom/Dad are well rested, and have time for themselves and their relationship from about 8pm on every night.

Months 4-7 were growing, growing, growing - we had a big Christmas trip to visit two different families over two weeks, all got sick when we were returned with the horrible noro virus (6 months old), and then learned how to sit and play more independently. They learned how to hold their bottles, and in general got stronger and more personality!

Months 8 - 12 - wow these went so QUICKLY and were probably some of the best of times we've had playing. First time in swings, first time swimming, first time eating ice cream and just experiencing life a WHOLE lot more.  It's so rich to experience things for a second time through the eyes of your children. 

A few favorite memories of 12 months:

Each night before bed we say night night, love you - Franklin says nye nye
This is such a sweet sound to a momma's ear

Ella Jane laughs, squels and has a very determined personality

Franklin loves wheels and can sit in one place spinning them for long periods of time. He loves to tip his wagon over, the baby stroller, etc. to watch and spin those wheels

Ella's favorite place to play during the day is inside the circus tent. You can find her in there with a book!

They love to eat! They are big eaters and anytime Mom/Dad are eating they want what we have!

They love each other. They like to hold hands, sit close by, and babble back and forth.

What a blessing!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Life Lately

Life lately has consisted of my husband working really hard to get our backyard in shape, and me watching the twins, telling them not to steal toys away from eachother, take off eachothers sun hats, or to keep eating their meal.  They are busy! They crawl after everything.  If we don't watch it the minute the door opens, Ella wants to shoot through and get outside!  I can hardly believe their 1st birthday is approaching...what!  Where did time go!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter, Spring, and Playtime

We all came down with colds the past week.  It must have something to do with the weather going from 70, to snowing, and now thankfully its back to 60. So we had a pretty low key extended Easter weekend.  I was glad that by Easter Sunday everyone seemed to be better so we went to church, and then shared a meal with our great friends the Wilsons.  It was a super yummy meal, and the kids did a lot of big playing with their buddy Owen!

Now that's its nice out I'm determined to get outside and walk more.  Nothing like some exercise, and of course walking around the block (ours is SUPER hilly) is truly a workout with two twenty pound babies, and a stroller! But we all love listening to the birds chirping, and greeting all the neighbors as we stroll by!

Franklin and Ella Jane are changing daily now.  They are both crawling.  Our little Bee has a very graceful crawl, on all fours, very coordinated and is also pulling up on everything.  Roo (Franklin) does this hilarious army crawl and can move super quickly now!  Of course they want to get into every nook and cranny of our house, and somehow the cords are most interesting to them - along with the dog's water and food bowl! Go figure! They are playing so nice together - and I'm seeing the blessings in them being twins. How awesome!  Here's a little video!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tall Genes

We just had the twins 9 month check-up yesterday and they are growing.  The Dr said "looks like Daddy's genes are kicking in!"  A few stats:

- Franklin is 75% for height
- Ella is 90th% for height


Ella broke her first two teeth about 2 weeks ago and is looking like such a toddler.  Franklin broke his two top teeth in around the same time.  It's true, their baby faces are now quickly fading as their new little looks emerge along with glowing personalities.

Ella wants nothing but Franklin to play with her. She laughs, giggles, and is all smiles when he is nearby.  He on the other hand is somewhat disinterested in her, but just recently he's figured out that she is there and can make him laugh.  I'm storing up these memories in my mind among the countless iphotos on my phone.  So glad I have the afternoons with my babies.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Post about a Girl

Where to begin? Our sweet Miss Elizabeth Jane (affectionately known as Ellerbee - or Bee) in our home has just transformed into a grown up infant/toddler before our very eyes. This dear girl came out just 4.5 lbs. and has blossomed into an independent spitfire! I love every bit of it!

Her smiles lights up the room.  When I walk into the house she lets out an audible Hi and was the first to say Mama! She knows how to entertain herself, and we truly believe she has an imaginary world that she plays in, complete with friends. To watch her get lost and swept up into playtime is such a joy!

Bee can make herself laugh, and laughs when we sing and dance.  She is stubborn - not like her mom and dad are or anything and so very determined.  She is a creature of habit and doesn't want to go to bed without that big, pink fluffy fleece blanket.  She observes the world around her, and then wants to do it herself.

She is absolutely beautiful - not that we are biased.  She wrinkles her nose when she giggles, and has doe-like eyes that we can just get lost in.  She loves to sit up and twist around on her own.  She sits up so straight, looking so grown up. Her and Brother are so different, there is no comparison and it makes us love each of them even more in their own unique way.

There are times she only wants her Mommy or Daddy, and I don't mind that one bit.  To my darling independent, make my heart melt daughter - I love you to the moon and back my little Bee! 

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A Post About a Boy

To my sunshine.  I've decided to devote one post to Franklin and another to Ella.

You are my tender hearted boy.  All smiles, and cuddles for your Mom and Dad.  You reach up to us, longing to be held, wanting to be close.  You twirl at my hair, and touch your father's chin.  You have the softest blue eyes, that everyone comments on.

Your hair is wild. I don't know where to begin.  It stands straight up, and has this wavy body to it.  Selfishly I'm hoping when its long enough they will turn into curls.

You have a round, delightful little body but lately I've noticed how long and lengthy your limbs are getting.  You have a sweetheart of a smile, and contagious laughter.  You love to be kissed on.

You are rolling all over the place, across the room, and even into things.  You are resilient and don't really cry if you fall over from sitting, but you'll cry if Mom and Dad are out of the room for too long.

You fall asleep easily, and sleep hard.  When you wake up from a nap your cheeks are blushed and you smile and laugh.  You love food, and we know its getting close to dinner time when you are getting a bit needy and ready to munch.

You have such a sweet nature. I pray each day that you may always have that tender and compassionate spirit.

Thank you Franklin for being my sunshine.  And for all those cuddles, of those cuddles are so good for the soul.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We are Growing

I've been a slacker in updating the blog.  But the babies are doing new things everyday now.  Franklin's waving his little wrist around constantly, figuring out he can bend each little finger, and wants to constantly sign bottle now that he's figured it out.

Ella Jane is saying mama on repeat - which makes my heart melt, and getting so close to crawling.  Our family came and visited for the weekend, so the three (one week apart) cousins were all together.  Our dear niece is on the move, and wants to be walked, exploring every little part of the house.  She's precious!  What is most fun is seeing how each one of them was made so uniquely, so close in age but yet such different personalities. 

Loving life!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What's Up

The twins turned 8 months old this past week - I'm losing track of time.  They officially can sit in a grocery cart while we run around, this is a big help! 

Other then that our Cutie Pie and Stud Muffin are busying themselves trying to scoot around and figure out how to crawl.  This leads to frusturating moments at times for them.  They are working on 5 basic signs - food, milk, mom, dad, and dog.  But the most exciting thing of all is coming home to them, and getting the verbal recognition!  Ella literally mimics me saying "hi" and says hi back.  She is able to lift her arms up above her head and tries to wave.  Franklin likewise lets out an audible hi tone!  We love seeing them get so excited and trying to talk!  Ella even talked to her Omi on the phone, repeating hi over and over.  Way too cute.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Diving Deeper into Motherhood and Love

The twins will be eight months old next week. I say this with a smile while holding a few silent tears back. Motherhood has been a journey, a challenge, a joy. A string of beautiful moments.

Motherhood has changed me. Shown me greater depths of love, molded me in ways I could never have fathomed. And still I find myself going deeper.

The digging deep started with fighting to bring them into this world. After HELLP syndrome, low platelets and a traumatic labor and delivery it was love that dug deep to find the strength to recover quickly and bring all of us home. A home made up of the mom and dad they both desperately needed to care for them.

Still motherhood said love is deeper. It was the multiple night feedings that lasted for weeks, pulling myself out of bed and ignoring the csection post partum pain to answer the cries of my children. To give the life giving nourishment and human touch they yearned for. Oh what a beautiful gift to be able to provide this.

Love still dove deeper. This time showing how much those around you love you. The love of my husband, parenting as a team. 3am feedings, in the dead of the night, each with a baby in our arms and playing footsie across the nursery in silence to say "I'm in this with you." He says he misses the 3am feedings. It was family coming in, my sister 39!weeks pregnant herself caring for my family. Family driving and flying in. Friends providing countless meals, notes of encouragement and prayers. That's love at 50 feet deep. But it goes deeper.

Most recently, Motherhood revealing to me the depth of love when the entire family is sick at the same time. Cleaning up vomit once, then again, and rising at 5am. But one smile makes you forget it all.

But the love goes even deeper. You think about the gift of your child. And how He gave His to us. And still you see the love goes deeper.

If this is motherhood, I'm diving deeper. Love. 1000 feet under.
Bring it on.

Friday, February 01, 2013


It's official - both babies are sitting up on their own!  How great to see them explore their world from a new perspective.  In basic - toys to mouth, hands to mouth, everything to mouth!

Ms. Ella was the first one to conquer this position and hold steady.  Perhaps it has to do with her petite frame, or maybe she is just determined. Yoga baby!  While Mr. Frank was the first to flash a smile and roll over, I think the little red mo-hawk got him on this one. She continues to be our little gymnast, constantly moving and twisting in all directions.  Recently we caught a video of her famous moves she performs while she drinks her bottle - bicycling/dancing of the legs all over the place.  Too funny. 

I'm cherishing each and every one of these moments as I watch these little folks personalities come forth.  My Mr. and I can only imagine the moments to come with these two as they become more interactive with us, each other, and the world around them.  I'm so proud of them and their accomplishments. As 4&1/2 lb. and just shy of 6lbs babies, they certainly have grown.

Thank the Lord for these little treasures. Your Momma and Daddy sure loves you guys!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yo Mom That's My Bottle

Last night it was just the twins and mommy.  Superdad was out changing the world at a meeting.  While we were finishing up oatmeal, got the bottles ready and started off our normal routine of bottle feeding both babies at once using the boppies. But presto chango- they mixed it upon on me and both held their own bottles.

Like a clumsy little school girl, I almost didn't know what to do with myself or my free hands.

These little things are just the marking of moments to come -  getting a little easier and them becoming more independent.  While it's exciting, I'm also reminded of how quickly things change.  And really, we don't want these babies to grow up too fast!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Zombie House

Survivor's log:  all succombed to the virus.

Thankfully I can also report that 5 days later we are pretty much back to feeling like our normal selves!  The norovirus is an awful, nasty, mean, ferocious bug.  Our brave little solidier Roo started off with it, gave it to mama, passing onto Bee, and then the last to fall - Daddy.

During our quarantine I learned all about a new level of love - the love a parent has for a sick child.  When you as the parent are sick and trying to care for a sick little one you have to dig deep. Thankfully, God did not intend for us to do this parenting thing alone and gave me my Mr. to lean on. But it's tough - parents don't get sick days.  You have to keep feeding, bathing, cleaning, and caring. Even while your energy levels are dragging, you find that you would do anything for your sweet Littles. To top it off, an ice storm hit us Friday giving us another push to stay in, and stay home. And that we did.

So while they napped, we napped. When they played happily, we rested on the couches.

It's amazing what pedialyte, a few days of rest, and a solid nights sleep will do.

Friday, January 18, 2013

First Snow Day

Dear Franklin & Ella Jane,

We had our first snow day together! So maybe it wasn't a full day, but Mom and Dad both got out of work early and headed home with the snowfall picking up!  When we arrived at home you had both already taken your afternoon nap and were up and ready to play!

The snowflakes started to fall harder and heavier outside.  Dad and I each scooped one of you up in our arms, grabbed you, and we went outside for a few moments. Both of you looked a bit confused and in aw at the same time.  It was chilly! And there was something hitting your hands and your head.

There's nothing like sharing new experiences together with you. The morning after the snowfall we both were delayed going into work so Daddy made us a delicious breakfast with huge biscuits and jam.

Love you two,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

4 Feedings

Just a note for my own sake to remember.  The twins went down to four feedings a day just around their 7 month birthday - January 14.  They consolidated feedings, and are now eating ever 4 hours, with solids three times a day.  Yes! 

New schedule:
7:30/8am - breakfast (fruits and oatmeal) plus 5 oz bottle
11:30/12 - lunch - veggie or fruit plus 5 oz bottle
3:30pm - 5 - 6 oz bottle
7/730pm - oats and 5-6 oz bottle

The twins are just eating oats for dinner since they've had (mostly Franklin) such issues with spit up.  It helps him hold it down on his stomach easier for the night.

Also, Ella has just about dropped her last nap of the day.  By 7pm she is a tired little camper ready for bed.  Franklin on the other hand wants nothing more then to take a 15-25 minute power nap in the evening around dinner time:) Sweet babies.

Our First Tooth!

Franklin has been rather fussy and needing a lot more attention lately.  We assumed it was from our Christmas travels, and the family lavishing him with love.  But the truth came out about a week ago...his first tooth was coming in.  In fact, his two bottom teeth seem to both be about ready to pop.  And one did!

On his 7 month birthday his first bottom tooth broke the skin.  This explains a lot! Franklin, happy 7 month birthday!  You are getting to be a very big boy - and now you have your very first tooth.  I hope those gums get to feeling better buddy.  You are my boy, with that twinkle in your eye.  Love you lots Little.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Growing, Rolling, and the Likes

Things keep changing everyday with Frank & Ella.  They love to change it up on Mommy!  Latest things include
  • Sleeping unswaddled - woo!  I thought this might never happen.  Franklin inparticular was a baby burrito loving child.  But then one night it just happened and he hasn't turned back since.  Both of them love sleeping on their sides
  • 3 meals a day! We keep experimenting with new foods. So far so good.  They are little eating machines.  An entire bowl of oatmeal/ and an entire bowl of fruit in the morning.  I better start really learning how to cook!
  • We got a mini van and life is so much easier because of it. Sliding doors, sun shades, and more ROOM.  The babies love cruising around and looking out the windows.  We probably spent about 4 hours in the car this weekend running around. They loved every minute of it.
  • Rolling around.  They roll everywhere.  Most of the time they are on their tummies now.  Ella in particular is a gymnast and uses anything around her to twist, turn, and navigate.  It's impressive!
  • They each napped on their tummies for the first time.  
  • Lots of babbling - lots of what sounds like dada coming out.  It's easier to say then mama so I'll let them have this one:)
  • Franklin falls asleep pretty fast and easy at bedtime, doesn't need much of a transition.  Ella on the other hand seems to enjoy a slower bedtime routine to get her little mind slowed down. (Must be like her daddy).  Daddy is doing a great job with reading her a bedtime story, etc.
  • Had to separate the twins into two different rooms at night.  They seem to sleep better this way without hearing the other one occasionally grumble, etc. Ella's moved into the guest room. Big girl!
  • Eating every 3.5 hours --- about to stretch this to 4.  They still take 5 bottles a day but are just about to drop one.
But the biggest change of all is after our 10 day Christmas travel extravaganza from Chicago to Nashville to Middle TN back to Knoxville --- we got home and Ella Jane was a different child.  Smiling, laughing, and generally happy all the time.  She even goes to strangers now.  She had before been our more observant child, who took everything in from a little bit of distance.  But now she is engaged, active, and wants to be part of the party.  It's a joy and pleasure to see this little maturity take place.  I love watching her smile and giggle. 

Overall, our home is busy and joy filled.  Our days are long, but our love quotient is high. If you ever need a bit more noise and circus in your life, c'mon over! :)