Monday, July 14, 2008

John Hiatt

Had an opportunity to see John Hiatt in concert this weekend with the Boy and friend at The Shed in Maryville. What a neat venue! Complete with Harley Davidson motorcycles, lawn chairs, beer, and of course great music - who could ask for more? The Shed is a comfortable outdoor venue, that from the looks of the line up features some rock n roll legends, such as Leon Russell, who is coming in September.

Hiatt had great energy and played for nearly 2 hours straight, covering songs from his new CD "Same Old Man" which is a debut to his wife of 22 years. See Washington Post's write up here. My new favorite song of John's is "Cherry Red" which is about his heart burning cherry red, the same color as her lipstick, and that even when the embers of the fire have been burning for a long time, they start to look brand new and rekindle the flames. So great. I love the imagery in the cherry red of the lyrics.

I look forward to more happy findings like this in East TN! As I was sitting there listening to Hiatt, I couldn't help but think that "it may take a little while, but this place could be my home."

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