Monday, February 22, 2010

The Blessing that This Life Is

I haven't been writing that much lately, more like mini posts here and there.  I want to remember these moments, the first few months of marriage, what we loved and liked, and what our life was like.  I want to *capture* it before these chapters too move on.

In short, marriage is making me a better person.  I've realized that much.

I've also realized the Mister is the one person on this earth that knows me best and will know me the best.  He is exposed to all of me, the good and the bad (the scratchy parts of me that need smoothing over spirtually speaking).  And there's a joy in that. 

There's a joy I've experienced knowing that while now I feel like we are best friends, we are only going to grow deeper and deeper, this is just the beginning. 

This blows my mind.  It leaves me in awe. And it reminds me of what a blessing this life is.

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