Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Beach, New Starts, and Fall

We went to the beach for a week in the beginning of September.  Exploring a new piece of heaven off the coast of South Carolina. Neither the Mr. or I had been there before, but needless to say it was beautiful and just what our family of four needed.

You two instantly loved the beach.  There was no one there so you had the freedom to roam and run wherever you wanted. You both loved playing in the tide at the shore's edge and each day dad and i promptly dug you a hole to play in.  One of you would end up sitting in that hole by your little self playing in the tiny bit of water.

We played outside each day. You loved it. Your tiny faces sun kissed and sprinkled with ocean water. Franklin promptly collected shells and Ella ran after the birds. So many great first memories. AH!

Now fall is slowly rolling in.  Each of you are in such a precious place. Ella sings and hums, Franklin smiles and becomes bashful. We play tag, hide and seek, and you two exchange one of a kind smiles for each other after being seperated during nap time. You now have access to the kitchen and are minding so nicely.  You both have grown more patient and follow instructions. It's so exciting and beautiful as a Momma to watch this.

Dad started his new job.  This means more family walks in the evening. So nice!

I love you both more and more - could that even be possible! Thank you for filling my heart with joy and my days with laughter. 

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