Thursday, March 17, 2016

Caroline 4 month update

Little C is busy and you can just see her learning so much over these past few weeks!  She can now grasp objects with both her hands, pull toys to her mouth, and rolls over every time you put her on her belly.  Literally!

Her sleeping got a little funky after her 4 month vaccinations but hopefully we are back on track.  We had to change the nipple size on her bottles, and then she consistently started eating more. She likes to eat quickly apparently!

Eating Schedule:
7am - 6 oz
10:30am - 6 oz
2pm - 6 oz
5:30pm - 7 oz
down to sleep at 7:30pm 
dreamfeed 9:15pm - 7 oz

She is sleeping in a fleece sleep sack (arms closed) or her love to dream sack, no longer swaddled and likes the gumdrop paci still.

She is talking more, has a funny little giggle, and playing the blanket game.  She enjoys walks in the umbrella stroller and hangs out quite a bit outside since its been so nice out! She is staying awake 2 hours at a time between naps!

Love our little firecracker. 

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