Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Goal of living: Grow and be Well

It's surprising to me how quickly I went from the warm beaches of Mexico, doing hardly anything but sunbathing to the streets of DC and metroing from place to place. The pace of life changed back quickly, and if anything got a bit busier.

As far as an update goes, I'm cranking out the last 3 cases I'm using to back up my thesis and designing an orientation and leadership development conference for a final project. I hope to tie up my equity and education paper this weekend. Thankfully things are much more manageable when you spend time chunking away at them throughout the semester. I'm looking forward to wrapping up this semester strong and feeling inspired to get out there and use what I've learned to make a positive impact.

I have two leads right now for jobs that are in Knoxville, TN. I'm planning on relocating here within the next 3 months, not sure of the timeline right now - but weighing out a few different options. The boy has settled into his newly acquired job post graduation and starting to really enjoy it, which is great to see. It's encouraging to get some feedback from my resume and I'm looking forward to sitting down and talking to some folks next Friday about the positions I'm interested in. Both spark different creativity in me and skills I'd get to use - but overall are in leadership development. It's nice to see these things exist!

To go along with the job search and relocation I've come up with a few options to navigate the next two months between staying here and moving to TN.

Option 1: Stay in DC

- Take remaining classes physically at AU
- Won't sublet out apt.
- 4th of July in DC (ha)

- Need to find some part-time work for only 2 months as my GA position at the Institute is coming to a close as of May 4th
- Traveling back and forth to pursue job opportunities/interviews
- Best friend is moving outside the city (minor I know)
- The boy and I keep doing the long distance thing

Option 2: Move to Knoxville

- Ability to do more interviews, job hunt locally, etc.
- Less travel back and forth
- Save money on rent
- The boy, mountains, and outdoor market concerts
- Can do classes long distance

- Different kind of courses not sure
- Can I land one of these jobs without completing my MA till July? (Hopefully the interviews next week will give me a better idea)

So that's what I'm laying out there and praying about that God gives me direction and helps me recognize where he sees me most fit during these next few months. Thanks to all of my family and friends for their continuous support and cheerleading

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