Monday, March 03, 2008

A Weekend's Worth of Quotes

It was a fun weekend - I'll post pictures from a deep dish delight pizza making night when I get home. There were lots of laughs this weekend, as the Boy and I were finally getting back to health. Highlights below:

While making deep dish pizza:
"I don't like my crust thick"
"You don't like your women thick either"

Me: "You are such a great boyfriend"
The Boy: "Look there's Bill Murphy"
Me: "Baby that's not cool"

Walking through the President's Gallery and doing it in exact order of the presidents. The boy counting off and commenting all the way. As we neared the portrait of FDR, there was a small picture of his wife next to him. She was wearing a frumpy black hat that nearly covered her whole face. Upon seeing this the boy "whispered" to me:
"That Eleanor Roosevelt, she's a real fox"
The Boy thought he said it quiet enough, but since he had a cold, he said it pretty loud -- everyone within a 7 foot radius laughed.

Driving my (now former car) with failing power steering.
The Boy: "It's like driving an old pickup truck"
Me: "Guess you don't need to get one now" :)

That's quality.

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