Friday, August 22, 2008

I love the Little Things.

Little things:

- Notes from days of the week see post
- Wearing the my new "research" NFA hat driving home and when I walk the dog post work
- Name cards on the dinner table with special notes inside. Still. Even though its just the two of us at the table.

- Going to sleep on the dot at 10:30pm. I'm a good sleeper.

- Burning my hand on the hot cookie sheet. Yikes!Watching Hero's too much lately - I'm a cheerleader, but not that kind.

- Tennis lessons after work with my favorite coach

- The dog crying after I leave the house and sitting by the door.

- Fun little buys from Walmart.

- Walking into a house with 75 college boys and feeling like a school girl. "But I'm the only girl honey." Said after entering the frat. house.

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