Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Inspiration Station

I've been inspired by the NieNie Dialogues and the outpouring of support for the family since the airplane crash. I feel compelled to write about her story because it has impacted me on an individual level.

Stephanie was a woman whose blog emanated love, family, good values, and hope. She shared her life with the blogging community through her pictures, colors, and tales of daily life with four kids and a great husband. In response to the accident the blogging community has responded through online auctions, prayers, donations, and events across the globe to help raise awareness and support for Stephanie and Christian and their 4 kids. Stephanie's sister has kept the public updated on their medical status as well as how the children are doing - CjaneEnjoyit blog. This story has had such momentous support from the community that the family was actually on the Today Show this morning.

This story speaks to the human spirit, specifically the power of hope. Keep life in perspective. There are people whose lives you touch and you may be totally unaware of it.

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