Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Weekend: My Favorites.

The Backstory: On Thursday evening Mom flew in for her first ever visit to Knoxville, TN to see where her baby was living exactly. Her and I spent the evening listenign to the tunes of legend Leon Russell. The rest is in pictures. We had a wonderful time as you can tell, and I'm sure they'll be many more visits again!

On Friday evening we enjoyed a historical tour of Knoxville, starting out with
appetizers sponsored by the Knox Heritage group.

A daughter and mother. All smiles here~
Another favorite person in my life. Smiles here too.Saturday's trek was into the Smokey Mountains --- this is the BEFORE picture. Yes, I do love that hat!
My woodsman.Hike, hike, see the creek, hike, hike, look ahead to see...and then we made it to the falls!Mom did the Mom thing and we smiled and obliged.
Then we pretended to be Lewis and Clark. Or i did.
Mom and Me!The Boy "less pictures more hiking" :)The AFTER picture.
After hiking we were pretty hungry and had dinner at "Deadbeat Pete's" which from the outside was a little scary. But once we were seated on the porch outside that overlooked the little creek and the food came - we quickly changed our minds. It was some of the best southwestern food ever!

I loved having my mom visit! The weekend was spent with my two favorite people. .

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