Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Daily Plate

So I've started to do a lot of thinking about being healthy, exercise, and eating habits. I know from past experience that I do feel my best when I eat healthy and work in exercise 3 x a week. Starting at the new year I did the exercise bit and so far have done fairly well with sticking to it, except for 1 week.

Now I'm taking it a bit deeper and using the Daily Plate to help me achieve this. The Daily Plate is like an online food journal that can track my daily caloric intake, and help me determine how many calories I need to consume daily to still lose .5 lbs a week, 1 lb. a week, etc.

I've been inputting my foods for the past two days now and find that its really great and aids me in being more mindful of what it is this little temple (ha) of a body is consuming. It also lets me see how I'm meeting my needs for protein, sodium, vitamins, etc. These are good things to know.

And the best part of's FREE. Most of the foods I eat are already in there, anything from 1 cup of Kelloggs cereal to my Campbells Healthy Select Soup I eat for lunch.

So give it a try, and say bon voyage to bad eating habits!

PS Ive realized I can still have my 1 piece of Godiva chocolate at the end of the day! it all comes down to choices! Thanks to The Boy for such a lovely enjoy daily!

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