Friday, February 20, 2009

Places I've Skied

Thought it would be fun to quickly see where I've skied and compare the elevations. Ha, this should be funny ie IL.

Wilmot Mountain: Illinois, 260 feet elevation
To this "mini" hills benefit, this is where I went to ski school during kindergarten once a week it was 30 minutes away from where we lived.

Chestnut Mountain, IL. Not too much further from my hometown. Where we hit the slopes during high school / college. About 1.5 hours away.

Elevation: 475 vertical foot drop. No wonder I could do the black diamonds! Ha.

Here's the biggie!
Mount Hood, Portland Oregon
Elevation: 7300 feet! There was the doosey. I went out to OR with good family friends, they had 3 sons. They were very athletic. We night skiied. I tried a black - it was freakishly high. I got tired, I had to stick to the green runs. I had the workout of a lifetime.
Very fun, and very eye ball popping!

There was also a trip to Steamboat with my parents. I thought I saw trolls in the hot tube. But well save that for another time...:)

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