Thursday, March 12, 2009

"I'm here I'm here," said the Scrap

It was a little bit of a rough morning. First, my alarm didn't go off. I'm not sure why. But thankfully (yes yes) I wake up on my own usually around 7am. And the dog started to stir. But still I was a bit shocked. I thought, wait is this right. Does this have to do with the time change, did I forget to change this clock? Nope. Odd. I hope to correct this tonight.

I also took a fall. I'm not sure how this happened but somehow I lost my balance coming into work this morning. I wasn't wearing heels or even carrying that much. But evidently my right ankle gave way, and sure enough I fell forward catching myself on my left hand. As I was going down I remember saying out loud "ow" I pulled myself up I started to really hope that I hadn't riped a hole in my pants from the fall. Thankfully I didn't. Although when I walked inside and dusted myself off, I pulled up my pants to reveal a nice little scrap. Just the type I remember getting as a kid. You know they burn a little while after the fall.

I washed off my hands and took a damp paper towel to my pants to get rid of the dirt and dust.

Well at least I enjoyed a small Chai Tea Latte on my way in. I'm feeling a bit tired and now the scrap just keeps reminding via a little throbbing sensation "I'm here, I'm here."

Hopefully its going to say "I'm gone I'm gone" sooner than later.


kubbybear said...

Oh Hun. lol I'm sorry that your day started off like a comedy routine, but at least you looked at it positively. Just think of that scrape saying "I'm alive! I'm alive" ;)

naturally nina said...

Aw, sorry to hear it. :( I've definitely had days like that (and alarms that have mysteriously not gone off). xx Nina