Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Joy Spilling Over.

Life is good. I have no complaints, besides the dog waking up at 2am a few weeks back, its been sunny in my part of the world. Things have just been easy, fun, and moving ahead here. I find myself updating Mom on the phone with details of my East, TN life and hear her say back "you sound so happy, it just rings through your voice."

And then there's the other Mom, and family. We spent a lovely weekend at the Boy's family home last weekend. Honestly, they rock. We enjoyed the weather, wii fit, and water. All w's, yes. His mom, sister, and I enjoyed laughing and playing while the boys made us dinner. I hope the Boy knows how great a time I had, and how great it is to have this extended family who takes me for me.

I cannot ask for more. Not for a better family, better Boy, friends, church or better pup. They all rock, completely totally fill me up till my cup is spilling out on the table with joy. And its so pretty, no one wants to clean it up.

Well you get the point. I'm happy for times in life when it feels this easy, and know that challenges may lie ahead but we have these springs to remember.

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kubbybear said...

HA. It even rings in you instant messages. ;)

I'm so glad that you are in a great place right now. Muah! :D