Friday, April 03, 2009

Looking Out

Our days are busy and filled with letters, and numbers and questions. We calculate. We laugh. I ask you again about the numbers. You are so patient, and I listen as you reassure me.

We will remember this time, filled with dreams and spring rain. And how you felt like our dog was the one all the neighbors that was a bit odd. I will remember your eyes and the sound of your voice, and our list of questions.The color of the mountains the first time we looked out on them from the peak will stay with us as well.

We imagine backyards, and flowers, and trees. We talk about the what ifs, the to comes, and the always will bes. We finish each others sentences, and cheer the other on to confidence.

Oh my love, I tell you and close my eyes as you pull me closer. We have so much to be thankful for. We stare out onto the morning light together.

I squeeze your hand in mine, you are one of my questions answered.

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