Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedding Fun

So the fubs and I got a bunch of stuff done this weekend, and had fun doing it!

It was really special to go and look at wedding bands, and specifically figure out what the Boy likes and doesn't like. It was great seeing him slide the band over his ring finger. Then I'd look at him, and he'd put his hand out for me to see it. I told him now we are going to have to take a bunch of pictures with him and his ring in the near future!

He has it down to three different types of bands. It was really cute, I took a picture of him with each of the different bands.

We also took care of some other little detail things and taste tested cupcakes! That's right we are going for the non traditional route and doing a tier of cupcakes (think fun stand!) instead of a cake! The little cupcake place we have here in town is really cute and makes the most delicious and moist cupcakes. They also come with unique little toppers, which is fun!

And most importantly I found the shoes I will wear with my wedding dress!!! They are so fun and comfortable!!!! And they are a ...................surprise! You'll have to wait after the wedding to see!

November 7th, 2009 we are a few more steps closer!

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Kathleen Bajart said...

Hey there...I did a cupcake display for my wedding to Jack. Was beautiful (with cupcakes from the grocery store and extra flowers that were left over from the florist and cake stands I bought at Homegoods). i'll try and scan a pic of it and send you!