Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This year can be named the year of gratefulness. I am grateful beyond words for all of the amazing blessings in my life.

For a new home, the walls that keep out the cold, the new king size bed that keeps us warm, and a place to call our very own. For the kitchen that's been a host to love and nourishing meals. For the office that held all of our wedding stuff, and the garage that my husband organized.

Grateful for my husband, C, who is my perfect teammate. For the patience that he has, the tender touch he offers, and the laughter we share in. Grateful for that moment on the beach that he asked me to be his forever. And grateful for have someone to tackle the wedding planning with. I've found the perfect match. Thankful for starting our new life together.

Grateful for a beautiful wedding. For the family and friends that flew from all corners of the country, took the time off, and still showered us with generous gifts. For the hands that prepared, planned, and participated. For the first dances, my uncles, and the sharing of talents amongst family. For the calm and reassured feelings that I can see myself with no other. For feeling beautiful. For mom and a sister that were my right hands. For best friends who smiled and cried and supported.

Grateful for Gibson. The most cuddly dog ever.

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