Thursday, November 11, 2010

1 year

It's getting darker outside.

Darkness, like a warm winter comforter stretches itself slowly across the sky.  Blanketing the night, I can no longer see the mountains on the horizon.  It's bitter sweet.  Waking up to the slanting light but by dinner no sign of the dawn.

We traveled to New York City for our 1 year anniversary.  Central Park was gorgeous, a date at the art museum was cozy, and ice skating in Rockefeller Plaza at midnight was well...unforgettable.

It was the Mr.'s first time ice skating.  So that made it extra special.  I loved watching as he would observe the skaters, seeing how they balanced and shifted their weight from foot to foot.  I loved watching him gradually become more comfortable until he let go and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of gliding on ice.  And I especially loved when he became comfortable enough to let us hold hands. 

Snapshots of trip:
  1. Promises, Promises on Broadway
  2. Cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery
  3. Getting dizzy over the view from our room - it was on the 37th floor! 
  4. Macy's holiday windows
  5. All the languages we overheard
  6. Watching the NYC Marathon the morning of our 1 yr. anniversary
  7. 3 filets at Quality Meats
  8. Afternoon nap
  9. Side trip to Chelsea and Bill's Burgers
  10. The Mr.'s ability to warm my hands

Our days of adventure in the city marked us with chilly hands, but warm hearts. That city is magical at night. 

Thank you to my Mr. for making life so grand.  Here's to a great start, our 1 year, and here's to the many more to come.

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