Saturday, May 26, 2012

34 Weeks - Goal!

I'm so happy to be writing this at 34 weeks, this is a major milestone!!! At our appointment this week we had another growth ultrasound and got to peak inside at our boy and girl.  We were both excited to learn that they are each 5 lbs. and there is only a 2oz. discrepancy between them in size! (That's nothing!).  They are continuing to grow really well despite their apartment size getting smaller - that is now being occupied by two big babies!  Chris and I lifted up thanks to God right away for these two to continue to thrive, grow, and share all their nutrients.

A few stats on them:)

  • Our boy is still head down 
  • Our girl is tranverse (laying sideways across the left side of my belly)
  • They both were practicing breathing
  • Nice strong heartbeats!
  • They turned on the 3D ultrasound for a moment, our boy as usual cooperated, and my girl is still saving her sweet face and features for the grand finale (her arms are always hiding her face)
  • Both babies have hair on their heads (they could see the wisps of hair on the ultrasound!)
How's Mom?
  • Mom can only eat smaller portion at a time now, there's not a lot of room in her stomach:) Picture a squirrel nibbling all day
  • Still working part time, this has been such a blessing! Works in the morning, comes home and rests the majority of the afternoon (maybe a small chore here/there)
  •   Most comfortable position is sitting with feet up, joints are getting achy, thankfully not a lot of swelling despite the rising temperatures here!  

The doctor also gave us what I'm calling the "green light" in that they wouldn't stop me going into labor at this point! This feels like a huge relief to me, knowing that the babies are a good size, we have reached the 34 week milestone, and with each week that passes is basically more time for them to put on fat and what I call the "finishing touches".  Statistically most twins arrive somewhere around 36 weeks.   I continue to put my faith in God and trust Him and his plan for the four of us.  But I am getting REALLY excited!  I have moments where I think about meeting them both for the first time and find tears welling up in my eyes.  What an experience this has been, I can only imagine what it will be like to meet them face to face, hold them close, and call them mine:) and to see Christopher for the first time and their eyes meeting.

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers during this time.  We will keep you updated!  Praise God for all He has done!

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