Friday, May 11, 2012

Goal!!! 32 weeks!

I'm so thankful to be at 32 weeks! God continues to provide and bless us during this twin pregnancy.  The doctors say to celebrate each 2 week milestone at this point.  In general I'm feeling good, I feel really big but this week I started working part-time which is really nice.  It's helpful to get a nap in and lay on my left side during the afternoon and put my feet up.  I'm even able to prepare dinner for the hubby and I - crockpots are fantastic!  My joints are getting a bit more achy and its difficult to get up from laying down, but it's because our two pumpkins are getting bigger, so we will take it! I really don't do much at this point, walking is difficult and my ligaments are stretching all the time when I do - about 10-15 minutes of standing and I need to sit.  But Christopher continues to be amazing and is getting what we need done!  I am so incredibly thankful for a husband who is so caring and supportive, and I totally see the Lord and his servant leadership through him.

At our appointment this week they hooked me up to the fetal monitors for the first time called a "non-stress test", and watched the babies heartbeats and movements.  Our boy is still the mover and shaker of the family, and our girl is the more methodically moving one:)  They had me drink some water to wake the babies up. We've also put together our gallery wall frames for the nursery, and Daddy has been selecting a poem for each baby. 

 32 weeks in the nursery

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