Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Favorite Things

Friday Favorite Things

Franklin's hair. It always stands up and is as soft as a puppy's ear.  
When I was cleaning the bedroom after work, I laid him on the bed.  
The ceiling fan above him spinning away.
He laughed, giggled, and smiled.
As if he shared a secret with that ceiling fan.
So sweet.

Ella's little temperment.
Just when you get smile after smile, I pull out the camera and 
She just knows
And stops smiling
in fact, sometimes she can make a little smug face.
Too funny

Loved having earlier evenings with my husband
Him getting up early with Ella
When I was sleepy with a cold
I didn't even have to ask.

Love the gift of family
The blessings of strangers
And the beauty of fall

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