Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On Dad

It's funny the things that excite you as a mom of twins.  When you are able to successfully take care of both of the twins, during the dinner hour, alone, while your husband is at a meeting you have a new found sense of confidence as a Mother.  Not only is the dinner hour what we affectionately call the "witching" hour where babies don't really like to nap longer then 45 minutes, and just want to sit near you, not really play but on top of that you bath!  To keep two babies content, feed them both at the same time (we call this the double boppy feed) and get them in clean pjs - woo, I almost felt like I might be able to climb Mount Rushmore.  Then the dog rolls around on the floor next to you, begging for attention but both of your arms are already occupied...and dinner is composed of a bowl of cereal because by the time you've gone through the bedtime routine you are ready for sleep.

But then you get them down to sleep, tucked in for the night, and glance at your phone to see if you've gotten a text message from Daddy yet.  Is he on his way?  Because even though they are tucked away in their nursery, sleeping, you still feel relieved when he walks through the door and kisses you hello.

He's my everyday superhero.

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