Tuesday, October 16, 2012

4 month Update!

Ella Jane,
You are absolutly adorable.  You have recently found a your voice.  You make little ooo and ahh noises.  Daddy and I have nicknamed you our screech owl because its a high pitched noise!  You are smiling more and more, and you love to just be sitting on someone's lap taking it all in.  You are fascinated by your jumperoo.  You are eating the same amount as brother now.  When we took you to get your shots, a waterfall flooded from your eyes.  It broke your Daddy's heart. You have a soulful look with those large, green/blue eyes.  I can just stare at you.  You already know what you like and what you don't like, and aren't afraid to let your father and I know.  I love this about you.  I imagine when you are older you will want to be independent.  You love your highchair and being at eye level with Dad and I at the table.  Each morning when I go to get you out of bed you always have the biggest mouth wide open smile.  I praise God for giving us such a sweet and soulful daughter!

Where to begin? You are the happiest baby I've ever met!  When you are taking your bottle and we smile at you, you can't help but smile back.  Sometimes I have to catch myself, because I want you to keep eating:)  There are times you are fussing, and we will do something to make you smile and immediately you switch from fussy to laughing.  You are such a delight!  You babble back and forth with us, and have recently realized you have a twin sister!  When she's in the jumperoo and your in the exersaucer you love to stare right at her, and recently you have smiled at her while making eye contact! Way too cute.  You are a big boy -- 16 lbs! When you got your finger pricked at the doctor, you didn't even cry!  Again just a testament to what a happy, laid back baby you are.  I'm so excited to see your personality keep coming out.  Thanks for filling our days with laughter and smiles.  I praise God for giving us such a happy baby boy!

Love you both,

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Jon and Tara said...

I am way behind on commenting...Ella Jane and Franklin you are ADORABLE!!!! Keep growing strong! Em I only wish we lived closer so we could have mommy and cuteness overload with our babies! Many Fall Blessings to the Miller Family!!!!