Friday, November 09, 2012


So I had a feeling when I started writing our "why am I thankful" blog, that there would be a few days missed. I mean we have twins, so let's be honest there isn't a lot of what we call free time!  But we sure do have a lot of family time, and we are thankful for that!

Today I'm thankful for all those folks who have stepped in and helped us out in all sorts of wonderful ways.  While I was sick right after delivery, many, many families came and brought us food for our 3 weeks!  They made warm meals to help mommy (me) recover, and us survive and thrive with our newborn babies! This was certainly an outpouring of love we will never forget!  So thankful for our church family & friends. Talk about a blessing in our lives!

I'm also thankful for great friends and family who helped me out this week while Mom/Dad had their first business trips. Of course they happened the same week:)  None the less we all survived, and the babies loved spending time with their aunties!

There is nothing better then great family and friends, and we certainly have been blessed with some of the best!  Thanks for making our family feel so loved!

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