Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What's Up

The twins turned 8 months old this past week - I'm losing track of time.  They officially can sit in a grocery cart while we run around, this is a big help! 

Other then that our Cutie Pie and Stud Muffin are busying themselves trying to scoot around and figure out how to crawl.  This leads to frusturating moments at times for them.  They are working on 5 basic signs - food, milk, mom, dad, and dog.  But the most exciting thing of all is coming home to them, and getting the verbal recognition!  Ella literally mimics me saying "hi" and says hi back.  She is able to lift her arms up above her head and tries to wave.  Franklin likewise lets out an audible hi tone!  We love seeing them get so excited and trying to talk!  Ella even talked to her Omi on the phone, repeating hi over and over.  Way too cute.

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