Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A Post About a Boy

To my sunshine.  I've decided to devote one post to Franklin and another to Ella.

You are my tender hearted boy.  All smiles, and cuddles for your Mom and Dad.  You reach up to us, longing to be held, wanting to be close.  You twirl at my hair, and touch your father's chin.  You have the softest blue eyes, that everyone comments on.

Your hair is wild. I don't know where to begin.  It stands straight up, and has this wavy body to it.  Selfishly I'm hoping when its long enough they will turn into curls.

You have a round, delightful little body but lately I've noticed how long and lengthy your limbs are getting.  You have a sweetheart of a smile, and contagious laughter.  You love to be kissed on.

You are rolling all over the place, across the room, and even into things.  You are resilient and don't really cry if you fall over from sitting, but you'll cry if Mom and Dad are out of the room for too long.

You fall asleep easily, and sleep hard.  When you wake up from a nap your cheeks are blushed and you smile and laugh.  You love food, and we know its getting close to dinner time when you are getting a bit needy and ready to munch.

You have such a sweet nature. I pray each day that you may always have that tender and compassionate spirit.

Thank you Franklin for being my sunshine.  And for all those cuddles, of those cuddles are so good for the soul.

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