Thursday, February 27, 2014

We Moved

We moved last Friday.  From the very first house I ever bought, where we lived as newlyweds, and brought our babies home. It was tiring, sad, emotional, exciting, and crazy.

It's odd not to just put myself on auto pilot and drive back to our old house.  But now that we've had what I call semi regular nights in our new house, it's feeling more like home.  Cooking dinner, bathing the children, playing, laundry, etc. These are the things that make our new house feel like a home. Doing our normal family things. 

The kids are loving every single thing about the new house that we hoped they would.  They love their giant huge playroom, where they can roam freely with all their toys in one place, their table, and kitchen.  They love the freedom.

They love the new front yard and backyard and flatness all over, no longer struggling to climb up the mini mountain of a backyard that was our old house. They love their little cars or beep beeps as they call them running around the drive way.  They've had almost zero transition, effortlessly going to sleep and sleeping through the night in the evenings and taking fabulous naps.

It's been wonderful. I'm sure I've had more of a transition then them:) 

Needless to say, I loved being able to start up and burn a fire last night in our house. It was wonderful to sit by it, chat, and talk about how this was our new home and all the great memories we will make there.

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