Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Plates, Eggs, and Beep Beeps

They truly are best friends!
They decided they needed to take a bath.
 Franklin and Ella are now 22 months old.

The weather has warmed up, in fact we hit 85 this past weekend.  Our little family has been spending a TON of time outside.  The kids each have a little tikes car they can ride around in. Most of the time they prefer to push them up and down the driveway.  Thankfully they have also mastered the art of turning them around before they go into the street.  They adore being outside and LOVE the new backyard.

A few moments to capture:

- The kids aren't using high chair trays anymore but instead eating off plates! They probably could have awhile ago, but it wasn't until recently that we tried it by accident bc we left their little travel placemats at home and they did great! Funny how such an "older" kid accomplishment this feels like at the moment to me.

- We hosted our first little party at our new house.  We invited a bunch of kids and their moms over for an easter egg hunt and lunch.  It went great.  The twins had a fabulous time.

- We celebrated Aunt Lindsey and now Uncle Joe's wedding.  The twins traveled great, and stayed up till 10pm EST the evening of the wedding.  They looked adorable in their dress up clothes and thoroughly enjoyed running across the dance floor all night.

- Ella is such a snuggler lately.  She just curls right up to me.  She has also gone into a "mommy" stage and just wants momma all the time.  She has tons of words and says them all frequently! She's our little pip!

- Franklin can say I love you now.  He is getting better at using two words together and tries so hard when he is frusturated not to have a meltdown.  Instead he will close his eyes, put his chin down and take a few moments. You can almost see on his face, the "Mom I'm trying so hard, I'm a big boy"

They continue to amaze us, keep us on our toes, and add so much joy to our home.  We celebrated a friend's second birthday the other weekend, and to my surprise I sat back in a lawn chair and was able to just watch all the kids playing. It was wonderful, amazing, and such a great moment as a Momma. My kids are getting older, independent and I love seeing who they are growing into!

Thank you Lord for what you have done!

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