Friday, August 03, 2007

I've spent a good part of the morning responding to emails, and sending off my remaining PC reports for this summer. Basically, a taking out the trash kind of morning.

This summer has been good.

With 5 different nametags scattered across my desk, ticket stubs, and a LeadAmerica portfolio, we look ahead. Between writing and reading reports, and designing PowerPoint's, we have real conversations about the future and how we can improve ourselves. I sit with a younger protege and talk about the callous that has a way of developing over a tender heart, and how my most meaningful coaching moments came from the person that was hardest on me. Sitting outside the dance with books and evaluations, someone chases a skunk. At lunch we play geography games and dance around philosophical topics and political debate.

It's August 3rd.
Dear Em,
I am so proud of you.
Little girl with the bouncy energy
now Woman with grace; commanding presence .

We wonder sometimes if we would be able to recognize you from 4 years ago?

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