Thursday, August 16, 2007

Last days of Summer

These last few weeks of summer before school starts make me feel like a tumbleweed: free and windblown. There has been much traveling and little structured work routine within the past 2 weeks. I spend time reading books, catching up on movies, running, and talking way past my bedtime. I laugh, realizing I'm getting to the point where I am ready to go back to school and will be soon.

Over the past weeks vacation I managed to slow down enough, and relax enough that when the time comes I'll be ready to get up early, sip on something warm, and prepare for the work/school day. But before that day arrives, I'm enjoying the tingly feeling of knowing that I get to hang out with the Boy for another week and continue to work on trying to sleep in.

There's really no better way I could think of spending the final days of summer - I'm blessed. We've spent time exploring cities, enjoying cocktails, exchanging books, and will soon be swimming in a pool. I like this place I'm at: the present.

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