Monday, May 05, 2008

My Happy Tennessee List (Continued)

Friendly! With a little bit slower pace to life and a bit more focus on community - Knoxville has some really friendly people! Instead of getting on the metro and no one saying hello, I can't wait to walk down the street or run into the store and have people take to the time to say hey how are you. All of the people I've met at casual parties have been super nice. (Don't know why I choose a picture of pigs, but they are sharing water! :)

Making a church my home and attending with the Boy. I'm ready to go deeper in my relationships and grow in my faith. This has been something I've really been looking forward to.
Cooking! It's hard to cook for just one all the time, or in a kitchen that's tiny. Cooking with someone (the Boy) makes it so much easier to prepare meals and eat them! It'll be good to get into a routine and actually be home at night to make dinner - unlike during my graduate school days.
Sundown in the City on Thursday nights in downtown Knoxville. They host a series of musicians and performers throughout the summer. It'll be fun to hit this a few times throughout the next few months. Market square is really great!

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