Thursday, May 01, 2008

New Home!

This past week I've been hanging out in Knoxville, with the Boy.  While there has been hanging out time we've also done a lot of WORK.  Work to get me ready to move here.  He likes to refer to it as my recon trip.  I love thinking that this is my last trip here before I move here. Woo, no more airplane tickets to buy every month! 

Things we accomplished:
- Made up a budget
-Signed the final offer letter
-Researched cars
-Test drove car
-Looked at apartments
-Found a beautiful apartment I can't wait to call home and it also happens to be called Walden Legacy --- think Thoreau at Walden's Pond. Ahh!
-Signed the lease
-Researched puppies and dog breeds
-Narrowed down our search
-Decided to try and rescue a puppy
-Have found one we really like - but the "puppy room" at the animal center was closed because of a sick puppy broke loose from the cage and was running around near the other puppies.

I feel so excited about the move I'm not sure words could express it.  My apartment is perfect for me - it's a gorgeous part of West Knoxville, close to my work, 7 mins. from the boy and has a pool.  There's an island in the center of the larger kitchen where I plan on cooking and serving up many meals in the next year.  It's a two year old complex, and also gated. So I feel safe and clean:)  The Boy and I worked out our moving plan and have only a few short weeks before we start on this wonderful new part of our adventure! Yay!

Now I just have to get over the fact that we found a puppy who might complete our little triangle, and be happy that the Boy can provide a home for him perhaps a month before I get here:)

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