Monday, June 02, 2008

Introducing Gibson the Beagle!

Well it has certainly been an exciting past four days.  The boy flew into DC on Wednesday night, we got the truck, and packed it up and left Thursday morning.  The drive was actually really beautiful.  We arrived in Knoxville, TN on Thursday evening.
Friday we moved my stuff into my new apartment, which I love and then headed out to Young Williams Animal Shelter. Now we've been watching their website for over four months now, and the Boy has made multiple trips there looking at different puppies.  We narrowed down what breeds we like - Jack Russell, and Beagles, basically a smaller breed.  We also learned that our lifestyle would be much better for a dog older then a year.  Well on Friday (my first official day as a Knoxvillian!) we found the newest addition to our family - Gibson!

He was originally Woody, and rescued from an abusive home in March of this year.  He didn't know his name, so we've renamed him Gibson - cause he rocks.  We'd like to think further down the line that well have other pups by the name of Fender and Stratocaster!

Anyways, so Gibson is a 3 year old beagle. He was very timid at first, and we guess that he was abused by his former owner.  But by day 2 he was already playing with the Boy and I on the family room floor, and he has his own little spot on our couch, that he refuses to leave when its bed time.  We've been trying to crate train him, and are still working on sit, here, and come.  He also is learning his name. But he's such a great puppy! No barking and only one accident inside my apt. at this point.  Today was his first vet appointment, and with shots and all he was a
 perfect little gentlemen.  

Here are a few pictures of our Gibson! 
Gibson and Daddy.

Gibson and Mommy


amberpeace said...

My first pet was a beagle. When I have my own first place, there will be a beagle involved.

amberpeace said...

I wish I made a living writing books! The books on Amazon are actually my textbooks. Ha. One day I'll make a living writing, but it will be for writing grants begging for money - not fantastic novels.

I am going to Emmanuel School of Religion this fall. It's a seminary. I'm pretty darn excited.

Furby is fantastic. I can only bring him outside though if it gets under 70 degrees :( They are from the tops of the Andes mountains. They dont do heat, or humity really. Actually, he's kind of a high mantinence brat.