Thursday, December 11, 2008

Don't Overdo It.

Why do people insist on going overboard and overspending at Christmas? It's a phenomena I just don't get.

I do lots of little things to make my gifts special and spend a lot of time thinking about what that person means to me and what could express to them that they are special and loved.

You can add your own personal touches. So ask yourself, from what place are you giving?

I'm not one to point fingers without looking at myself. And I freely admit that I too have been guilty of this, in years past getting wrapped up in the materials. The perfect wrapping paper, the gifts, the amount of loot I would truck home after an evening spent with the big family. And then most recently as I've thought further about how I want to make Christmas my own, and the traditions I want to adopt and create with my own family one day, I had to revisit just what Christmas is about. We each need to go there, or Christmas loses its meaning.

Of course I'd love to get that jacket I've been dreaming of all year from Jcrew. But that's not what its about is it. Or running around at the malls finding exactly whats on his/her list.

Need to slow down. Reflect. Remember. Find the joy in the heart.

Plus, there's really only one thing I want this Christmas....

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