Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Family.

I'm already bummed Christmas went by so fast. While it was wonderful, it makes me recognize the amount of joy my family adds to my life. I miss them so. It's a rare thing that a family of 25 live within 12 minutes of each other, nearly all of them that is.

There's nothing so rich as the love you feel when gathered amongst your family. There's nothing so beautiful as the way family members can build one each other up. Nothing so strengthening, knowing there's a net of 24 to catch you.

I miss them so my dear family. The strength of the sisters, and the tenderness of my uncles. The chit chat from every corner of the room and the singing of the songs. To look around and meet love in every one, a love that extends to each.

There's something special about witnessing the daily lives of this family. There's a strengthen I have not found in any other.

But wherever I am, I'm still one of them.

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